6 Questions To Ask A Digital Agency Before You Hire Them

Trust and a strong relationship are essential for business success. When you work with an agency, you should know what services the agency provides, how do they manage responsibility, who will handle your work, and more.

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So, it’s important to ask a few questions before hiring an agency for your online marketing. This article includes some essential questions that will help you choose the right agency. 

Questions to Ask Before You Hire A Digital Agency

Don’t just check online reviews; visit the office of the agency and ask these questions before you decide to hire a digital agency. 

  • Do They Provide Full-Service?

A full-service digital marketing agency will handle all the aspects of your online presence. This type of agency has multiple departments, including SEO, content, Social Media, Web Development, etc. So, it’s essential to know whether the agency provides all these services or only handles a single aspect of digital marketing.

It also depends on what you need. If you want an agent who will only manage your social media marketing, you should consult an agency that primarily provides social media marketing services. So, the first thing to ask before you hire an agency is whether it provides full-services or handles some parts of digital marketing. 

  • Who Will Manage My Work?

After you ask about their service, you should ask the agency that will be managing your work. Some digital marketing agencies outsource work from a third-party company. So, it’s essential to know who will be handling your work to ensure that the agency doesn’t outsource your work.

Although some outsourced work may provide quality work, usually they are not good. So, don’t shy away from asking whether they provide in-house services or outsource work from others. It will help you make an informed decision before you hire the agency. 

  • Ask About their Clients for Reference?

You should ask about their previous clients to get an idea of their service. If the agency steps back to provide any information about their clients, it’s a red signal. Although they may not provide confidential information about their clients, they can obviously share what results they have driven for them.

When you ask about previous clients, don’t forget to consider whether the agency has worked with similar businesses as yours. If not a similar company, did they work with clients from the same industry. An agency with experience in working with similar businesses knows the challenges along the way and how to deal with them. 

  • What KPIs Will You Use for Measuring the Campaigns?

Since digital marketing is vast and complex, it’s hard to measure. Don’t forget to ask the agency about the different performance metrics it uses to measure the outcomes and ROI. A good digital agency should have the right tools and methods to measure the performance of campaigns.

Moreover, the KPIs should align with your marketing goals and give you a clear idea of what you have achieved. It will help them to understand what worked and what didn’t. So, they can make the necessary changes to improve your performance. 

  • Be Clear About Budget and Pricing

No doubt you will never hire an agency without asking about pricing. However, the important thing is you should be very clear about their pricing structure and how do they charge for different purposes.

For example, do they have a one-time payment, or they charge you based on clicks or referrals. Ask the agency to provide you a clear pricing structure before you decide to work with them. 

  • How Will Share Information and Report?

Last but not least, don’t forget to ask about how they will communicate and report you. When you are working with an agency, it’s essential to have effective communication so that you are aware of what’s going on. It will build trust and help you work together effectively.

When you are working with an agency, it’s not only the agency’s responsibility; you will also share the responsibility. So, the agency should report and communicate with you over the phone, via email updates to maintain transparency and keep everything in line. 


No matter which industry you belong to, digital marketing can bring significant results to your marketing goals. If you are unsure about different tactics of online marketing, consider hiring an agency. The above questions will help you choose the right digital marketing agency for your business.

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