Painting Hacks for your Bedroom

If houses were to be considered bodies, indisputably bedrooms would be the heart and soul. Bedrooms are where we retire after a long, exhausting day and wake up every morning for a fresh start. Therefore, it is imperative to maintain the energy and warmth of the bedroom. And what better than choosing an appropriate, inspiring, and relaxing color scheme for bedrooms.  House painting must be based on a well-defined color theory. Color Theory refers to the study of different colors, their significance, their feel and effect depending on the space they shall be used for. Bedroom wall painting is a subset of house painting and must be ensured to be in congruence with overall house painting. To make the most of your bedroom wall painting, opt-in for colors that add depth, dimension and make your space look bigger. You can go on adding elements of varied shades by experimenting with textures, bedding, and décor and lighting solutions. To assist you in making the right decision, we are presenting the latest and most loved trends in bedroom wall painting. Have a look – 

  • Fine shades of caramel are a newfound gem in the bedroom wall painting domain. Easy on the eyes and tingling; this color scheme is warm and energetic. It keeps the atmosphere bright and brilliant and uplifts the mood instantly.
  • The combination of white and lilac looks everything mesmerizing. Paint one main wall in lilac as a statement and all other walls in rich white to create that magical vibe. Light, soft, and comforting, this shade boosts positivity and calmness.
  • Turquoise is an all-time favorite. It is symbolic of the sea and signifies infinity. It is fun, energizing, and makes you feel at home. In fact, it is a common belief that shade brings along hope, good fortune and has a healing effect on the mind and soul.
  • Another color that can be adopted is Pistachio green. Surreal, light, and refreshing, this color can help you feel closer to nature. You can take the look a notch higher by combining it with some dark-colored bedding and furniture.
  • Bright Pink is something that we believe only girls’ fancy. But you would be surprised to learn that it is also a hot favorite among shades to be chosen for bedroom wall painting. It is lively, vibrant, and exhilarating. With the current lighting solution in place, it can indeed prove to be a game-changer.
  • There is one color that has emerged as a timeless classic in this section of house painting. It is none other than the rich, velvety white. Though it seems simple and plain but is like an artists’ canvas. Either combine it with some eccentric color to create a playful, high-spirited atmosphere or keep it straight-forward and powerful as a solid shade.
  • And in the end, we have the evergreen combination of blue and white. The two colors blend in seamlessly; signifying excitement, tranquility, and reliability. Together these colors paint the picture of an oceanic horizon and shall keep your spirits relaxed at all times. That is the reason this combination never ceases to impress.

It has been scientifically proven that the colors that we surround ourselves with have an immense influence on our psychology and soul. They have a direct bearing on our emotions, feelings, and well-being. Resultantly, it is advised to select shades for your personal space judiciously, taking into consideration your mood, personality, and profession. These colors are a reflection of your inner self. Make sure you choose wisely, keeping them soothing, inspiring, and enthusiastic.

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