Do Colours Really Affect Your Mood? – Some Truths to Show Colour Reduces Stress


There are various shades of colours, with each colour capable of producing different emotional and psychological effects on human beings. Different colours have varying levels of calming effects on your eyes. These are the reasons why each person has a special and unique colour as their favourites. 

Due to this, interior designers advise you to choose the right colour combination based on the effects of each room on your mood.

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Studies have found that colour plays an important role in regulating your mood. Each colour is associated with a feeling and vibes. Some colours can reduce stress and give a soothing effect while others can energize your mind and body.

Some of the top paint colours associated with different impacts on your moods are

  1. Blue

A high calming effect of blue colour can help you with stress management. It is associated with peace and nature and helps to reduce anxiety. You can paint your bedroom with oceanic blue paint to give a relaxing effect for better sleep at night.

Any tone of blue colour, ranging from royal blue to sky blue, can help you to reduce stress and anxiety. They can make you feel calm and relaxed from a busy day. The bathrooms painted with sky blue have the calmness of a beach shower. They sooth you to reduce the stress of your office work.

  1. Yellow

It resembles a sunny day and makes me feel cheerful. Yellow coloured bedrooms will coincide with sunlight to energize you from morning. It is also believed to have soothing effects on your mind to neutralise stress. Apart from bedrooms, kitchens can also be painted with yellow colour to increase your appetite. Yellow shades create feelings of joy and livelihood.

  1. White

It is the neutral accent and a universal colour for purity. The white coloured walls of your hallway, bathroom and bedroom will provide a fresh and calming effect. White colour symbolises clarity of mind. It eliminates uncontrolled worries and clutter in your mind.

White paints will make your room look larger and spacious. It gives a view of cleanliness and goodness.

  1. Green

The harmony of a green colour can reduce anxiety. Green provides natural comfort and restfulness against stress. It is associated with plants and nature and brings prosperity in your life. You can paint your hallway and office with green shades to welcome prosperity and keep your mind relaxed.

  1. Brown

Brown is associated with earth and considered as a neutral accent. It is effective in reducing stress and depression. It has a calming effect. It matches with your furniture to make artistic and aesthetic effects.

There are other colours like red, pink, and orange which boost energy and enthusiasm to reduce stress. They can remove anger and anxious feelings to soothe your mind with love and calmness.