How to Make Money Online with Niche Sites in 2021


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If you think that Micro Niche Sites are dead after the Google algorithm update, then you are wrong as the following article will give you endless reasons for the same:-

Note: The key to making money with Micro niche sites is monetization and targeted traffic. Until you get to experience on these 2 key topics, you can’t make smart income in a micro niche industry.

Find your Niche
There are various ways by which you can choose the niche. If in case you make a wrong decision then your subsequent steps are going to fall. Hence, make the decision carefully.

Check your Competition
You need to do detailed research towards deriving the things which will be suitable for your niche along with arming the detailed knowledge about your competitors. They give you the reason to learn about the things to write and what you need to refrain from. You only need to take them as pure ideas.

Resort to Proper Keyword for your Niche Website
Keywords play a vital role here, By taking the assistance of Google Keyword Tool, you can do proper and detailed research or else you can make use of the most powerful tool namely Market Samurai.

How to Set up Your Website in WordPress

As you are ready with your professional niche site, it is imperative for you to invest money in order to generate quick bucks. Hence, register the domain in which will charge you an annual $0.99. When it comes to hosting it is recommended to use HostGator or BlueHost. The price of the same varies and it stands out to be 3.95$ monthly Only. Now, it comes to choosing a proper software and what better way than to get in touch with WordPress. Besides being used for blogging, it is equally used for selling, promoting, informing and sharing etc. There are also various plugins, widgets as well as themes for the CMS. There are free plugins and theme which you can choose or you can have paid ones as well.

Resources: Guide to set up WordPress from Scratch – Take a look of our Tutorials category.

Do not Stick with the Thin 5-10 Pages Niche Site

Build a Micro-niche site which only has 5-10 pages is considered to be thin and it ceases to make any good impression on search engines. Hence, make arrangements for at least 40-50 good quality articles by keeping in mind your keyword search. More articles you have, better it will be for you towards giving interesting things and it is indeed going to do wonders for the readers as well. First of all, stop treating it like the money making micro niche site, work with the feel of your authority site.

Do not touch other niches or don’t try to make it a multi-niche blog, stick to your targeted Amazon and Adsense niche only. Otherwise, you can’t get targeted Audience.

The Niche Website has to be Informative and Updated
It is important to treat your website as a normal one and it should not indeed look like it is made for Adsense. Hence, there has to be a professional look with great content along with at least two killer articles. You can also put videos and pictures as well as presentations in your content.

Upgrade on a Regular Basis
Your niche should be updated and upgraded at regular intervals. Besides analyzing the statistics and traffic, you need to equally know about the sources of income for your niche website.

How to Earn From Adsense?

Here comes the important task of niche blogging, its monetization. Its key to turn your traffic into dollars. First of all, you have to decide you are going to use Adsense or Affiliate marketing? it totally depends on your niche. Select an appropriate monetization program for your micro niche sites and start to Earn money Online with Adsense.

Finally, aforesaid are the things which are going to work for you towards giving endless reasons to earn quick bucks from niche websites.