How to Setup a WordPress Blog from Scratch [Beginners Guide]

How to Setup a WordPress Blog:- Self-hosted WordPress blog is a dream of every new blogger, but so many newbies don’t know how to start it. Here is a full guide for beginners to start a self-hosted WordPress blog from scratch. It’s written especially for newbie’s only. Here is an overview of process!

  • Buying a Domain Name
  • Buying a Hosting Account
  • Linking your domain to your host
  • Installing WordPress On your Domain

1. Buying a Domain name
It’s a very simple task, you need a Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal account or internet banking account to buy a domain. Domain cost is not standard; prices will change very often because of dollar rate and so many other things. .COM, .ORG, .NET domain extensions cost is 10$ on average. You can buy it from any domain registration company as you want. But we don’t recommend you to buy domains from new companies, only go with big and trusted companies like,, etc. You will get access to your domain control panel once you bought the domain. If you use Godaddy Coupon Code for buy domain then you can save 60% for the first year.

How to Setup a WordPress Blog

Tips to Choose a Perfect Domain Name:

  • Choose the simple and short domain name
  • Use top-level extensions only like .com, .net, .org
  • I prefer you to use .com extension.
  • Don’t exceed 16 characters limit when choosing the domain name
  • Try to get a memorable domain name

2. Buying a Hosting Account
The second thing you need to start yourself hosted blog is WEB HOSTING, you need some free space on the web to host your blog, so you have to take hosting. Web hosting companies provide hosting plans for customer usage. You should have to choose a correct hosting plan; it’s based on your requirements. I prefer you to choose a 1-year limited hosting plan if you newbie and starting 1 blog only. Please remember one thing; you have to upgrade your plan to unlimited if your daily bandwidth usage is increased. (Take unlimited domains, hosting package if you have future plans to start a few more new blogs)

Now, this is the correct time to talk about hosting company, I recommend you to buy hosting from only; it’s very secure, fast and trusted. Hosting prices also not standard, it’s different from a company to another company. If you ready to take hosting from HostGator? You have a good advantage to save money on hosting; you can use Hostgator coupon codes to get 60% discount on your hosting plan. Search on google for latest Hostgator discount coupon codes.

You’ll get to control panel of your account once you cleared the invoice bill of your hosting plan.

3. Linking your Domain to Your Hosting Server
Now you have to link your domain with your host, just follow below simple instructions to done this task. It’s very easy and takes 5 minutes only.

  • Get your hostname servers from your control panel. ( You can ask your host company staff if you failed to find them)
  • Go to your domain panel and search for the option Name Servers, once you find it just fill your hostname servers there. (Delete existing name servers if you found any)
  • Come back to your hosting control panel, go to add-on domains > add your domain name URL, etc. details, click on add. That’s it.

You completed a big task successfully; now let’s complete the final step.

4. Installing WordPress CMS

How to Install WordPress in Blog

Installing WordPress CMS manual installation is a bit hard But Don’t worry, you can install WordPress using an easy alternative software called as Fantastico Deluxe. The installation process takes 5 minutes only and it’s easy to finish.

Login to your Cpanel and find the One Click Application tool, Go to One Click tool > Select WordPress CMS option> Select domain > give admin login details as you want > Install it. That’s it.

Final words:
We hope your blog is coming soon, best of luck for your blogging career. Please drop your comments if you have any suggestions, tips or saw any mistakes in our article. Now, this is a good time to share this article with your friends, finally, one thing Keep reading blogger speaks.

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