Make Most Creative Travel Videos With These Stunning Tools

Just like pictures speak a lot more than words, so do the videos, which play a significant role in grabbing the audience’s attention. Among different types of videos, capturing the travel experiences is one of the most challenging tasks as you need to carry around a bulky feature-loaded camera everywhere you travel. Even after capturing the pictures and videos, those need to be edited to make them presentable and impressive. It is where the online video editing comes into play. Let us see some of such best tools which can help you in making Creative Travel Videos.

Tools for Creating Travel Videos:


This tool is available for free for MAC users and can be learned quickly. It comes with various features for creating basic videos. For example, iMovie includes video trimming, ore-made transitions, 4K resolution, split-screen, etc. However, professional users might not find it very useful.

Adobe Premiere Rush:

This tool allows exporting three videos for free besides offering 2 GB of cloud storage. Further, features can be explored with the Premium Rush CC plan, which comes at a monthly charge of just 9.99 USD. It can be used by Windows, MAC, Android as well as iOS users. It is a multi-track editor that supports 4K videos and cross-platform integration. In addition, there is a library from which relevant music tracks can be chosen to add to a video.

Professional editors who need better control over video editing without spending long hours learning tutorials will find Adobe Premiere Pro quite useful.


This video editing tool comes with inbuilt templates, which makes it easy to create stunning videos. There are various transitions, animations, fonts, and music that offers complete creative freedom. In addition, this online video editor comes with more than 5000 design templates of regal, retro, smokey flavor, and minimalistic fashion, which can get customized as per your requirement. The best part is that you can create a video with no watermark using this tool. It even has a premium media library, the option to remove the background image, along with 24/7 support.


It has a free as well as Pro Edition available for Android users. It is a feature-loaded video editor with an intuitive interface that supports 4K videos and lets users export videos to YouTube directly. It’s only drawback is the appearance of watermarks in the videos created with the free version

Movie Maker Online:

It is a free browser-based app with various features and an extensive library having soundtracks and photos free from royalty. Beginners can easily create videos with it. In addition, it allows timeline-based editing with the relevant titles and effects. The best part is that the videos do not come with a watermark, but sometimes you might feel irritated because it comes with many ads.


iPhone, iPad as well as Android users can use this tool for free. It comes with exciting features such as a slow-motion editor, which can add more than one music file to the video and others. If you ever need to create short videos on your smartphone in a few minutes, you will find it quite helpful. The photos and videos in your gallery can also get trimmed, and slides can be merged easily. In addition, it has an inbuilt library of songs, stickers, filters, and effects, which add to the fun while editing videos with this tool. However, it has some drawbacks, such as it does not allow the creation of videos with length over 5 minutes, and a watermark appears on the one created using the free version. Also, too many ads appear while using it.


It is a professional video editing app that filmmakers would find quite helpful. It is available for iOS users at 29.99 USD. Anyone can use it to build expert-level videos, but it is recommended to try some free options before starting to use it. The only drawbacks it has are a lack of synchronization between the devices and unavailability for Windows and Android users.



It is an AI-based, free app that can be upgraded and is available for Android and iOS users. It is fun to create videos with it and share them on social media platforms such as Instagram. People who often post content on social media platforms will find it very useful. 

It uses AI for choosing the best part of the footage, making editing a video easier. In addition, clips, themes, and music can be selected from your gallery for creating short and exciting videos. Its limitation is that a video can be shared as a post on Instagram and Facebook, but not as a story.


It is a simple and powerful video editor available for free only for iOS users. It comes with inbuilt royalty-free soundtracks, an option for adding voice-overs, and other editing features which let you easily create 1080p video content with no watermark. In addition, this tool offers desktop editing software power to your phone and tablet.


It is a free non-linear video editing tool for Windows users, which can be upgraded to the Pro version. By non-linear, it implies that many video files and pictures can be combined in any sequence. In addition, it enables picture-in-picture, side-by-side, and split screenshots with double exposure and removal of the green screen.

There are numerous free video tutorials to help you create the best videos. The only drawback is that it doesn’t come with free technical support and cant be used by Android or iOS users.


When you have the right gadgets to click the pictures and shoot the videos, relevant editing software forms the next most important thing in vlogging. It will help you add transitions, music tracks, backgrounds, captions, and others so that viewers are impressed by it. With the right tools, you can make your memories last forever.

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