Now All Your Content on Instagram Will Stay Secure in Your Stories Camera for The Next Seven Days!


Instagram offers a new small Stories Tweak for its Followers! Keeping the growing needs of its users, Instagram has increased options regarding videos or photographs captured in the Stories Camera.  Your content will stay saved for the next seven days if you want to post them during this time. Any content captured by the Stories Camera will not disappear as it used to. It will be available if you wish to post it any time during the week. So now if you want to wait to choose and edit before porting, you do not have to rely solely on your Camera Roll. You can now use Instagram Stories Camera.

Instagram, in its description also quotes, “Take as many photos and videos as you like, then post your favorites later.”

And now they are just shaping their application towards something to prove the above line. This is one good sign of journey towards growth stage. If they implement such features which focuses around the photos part then it surely going to increase the usability for the users.

A tweet by Matt Navarra says:

 “New! Instagram will now save everything captured with the Stories camera in the app for 7 days

You can then visit ‘Recents’ to share your favorites later


You can vist Matt Navarra’s official Twitter account to see the followers comments on this new release.

This new feature allows people to select the best of their captured content to post, ensuring what they chose to post is the most likely to get views. This way, the users will have the opportunity to pick and choose what they want to post. However, this is also what Instagram has often been criticized for, i.e. promoting flattering pictures that capture the ‘highs’ of life, the shiny highlights, that are far from real everyday happenings. Yet, this is also mainly why people continue to post on Instagram and why Instagram is one among the most used social media app.

Before few months back, this stories feature was on beta stage, that is, Instagram developers were working on it and after successful testing, now they released it officially. If you are not getting this feature, then just go to play store or apple store and update your software so that you can get this newly added feature by Instagram.

This feature is especially good for those content creators who go live on frequent basis. Their users will be very much engaging comparing to other creators. So such creators will find this new stories feature very much useful. It will save a hell lot of time for them as they don’t need to again create the stories.

This new option will also prove beneficial for a number of brands positing on Instagram to publicize and market their products. This allows several consecutive pictures to be taken so that they can later be edited and posted. They would not have to confine themselves to using Camera Roll for this purpose and will now be able to do this with Instagram Stories Camera which would certainly be easier because it is native to it. They can now use Instagram Stories Camera to take photos or videos they wish to post, choose the best to edit and then post only the very best and most appealing. This new small story tweak will thus benefit both the regular users and the brands using this platform to publicize their products.

This minor but significantly influential improvement will bring a positive change in Instagram and its use as a social media app to connect people from around the world to share their experiences and entertain others. It will make posting videos and photos much easier for its users. It might be small change but is definitely worth taking into notice. It is yet not known when this would be made available to all the users but hopefully it would not be too long before it does happen. It will, however, certainly be worth the wait.

The Bottom Line

We hope that you find this article informative enough to gain some knowledge related to digital marketing. Even though this feature is not used by many users but still this is one worthy feature for those who use the stories feature regularly. You can share your views on this take by Instagram in the below given comments section.