Boosting the E-commerce Sales with Your Instagram Account: Tips to Follow

Boosting the E-commerce Sales with Your Instagram

If you are looking forward to creating popularity for your products online, Instagram is the perfect place. With Instagram, your products will be responsible for creating a buzz, which will attract more people from in and around the entire world. Instagram allows you to convert your followers into your loyal customers and allow you to grow sales for the business. Instagram is one of the most effective tools that will assist you to take the e-commerce business to a level you have hardly imagined.

Boosting the E-commerce Sales with Your Instagram


How Instagram works for e-commerce Businesses

Instagram has around 800 million people who are active on a monthly basis. According to statistics, more than 4 million posts are being liked every day by the users. It has also been reported that more than 50% of the popular brands make use of Instagram as an important tool for marketing. Instagram works for the e-commerce businesses in the following manner:

  • Instagram involves uploading creative and high-quality images of your products, which look more engaging and inviting in comparison to the generic photos.
  • It allows your consumers to get simple and easy access to online shopping with the help of their smartphones.
  • It is responsible for attracting more customers, crucial for expanding the reach that you already have, assists in improving the position of your brand, and helps in enhancing engagement.
  • It helps in impacting the buying decision of the users and is responsible for huge revenue for the business.

Nowadays, the brands hardly rely on Facebook only for promoting their services and products. They have started integrating Instagram with their website as well as the marketing campaigns for achieving both their marketing as well as business goals. It does not matter if you have an established brand or you have just started. If you want to penetrate deep into the competitive market, gain more customers, and build brand value, Instagram is undoubtedly the best solution that you can get. This social network allows you to convert all your passive shoppers into loyal customers.

Given below are the tips that you can consider if you are interested in boosting your e-commerce sales with Instagram.

Switching to the Business Account

Instagram had already added an interesting new feature on the platform, which is known as the business profile. You have the option of switching to the business account from the personal account. This is the first and most important step that you have to take if you are interested in Instagram marketing.

This feature helps in giving a professional look to your profile and allows you to pull the contact information from the Facebook account that you have while retaining the shoppable links on Instagram. You will also get clear information about the number of clicks as well as impressions on the content that you have posted. Switching to the business profile will allow you to get more followers for Instagram.

Using tools for Selling Products with Instagram

In order to sell your services or products through Instagram, you can make use of two effective tools. Firstly, you can create the clickable storefronts. You can use software tools for converting a link into the clickable storefront, which will showcase all your products. With the link on your bio, shoppers can easily visit the store and click on the “buy now” option to get hold of your product.

Secondly, you can sell the products with the help of hashtags. It allows the users to easily find products that they are looking for. Once they find the products, they can purchase them.

Using Photos that are Visually Appealing

In order to build great brand value, you have to concentrate on giving the users the best visual experience. This can be done when you post content that is not only engaging but also attractive. For this, you have to post attractive images of high quality. Make use of the Instagram filters in order to make your photo stand out from the rest. Try to provide an interesting caption as well, which is both strong and crisp. This will help in adding value to the post.

Showcasing Customers by Posting the user-generated Contents

Permit your loyal customers to create appealing content for your brand. You can ask the customers to show off all the products that they have purchased from you by uploading pictures. After this, you can ask for their permission to post these pictures on your business account. When other users see that you have many customers using your products, they will be inspired to follow you, and make a purchase as well.

This is nothing but referral marketing, which affects your sales in a positive manner. Moreover, the customers from whom you are taking the pictures will feel an integral part of your brand. They will also reach out to other people and ask them to try your products.

Using Hashtags for Increasing the Reach

Only posting attractive images is not sufficient, especially when there is a proper marketing goal on your mind. All the images need support with the help of relevant hashtags. Hashtags help Instagram to catalog the different kinds of products and images. When you use hashtags that are relevant to your product, it is obvious that all the products will be viewed by your customers as well as other people.

There are chances that a person is looking for a particular product, and he comes across your brand. When you use hashtags that are inappropriate and more in number, it has a negative effect on the marketing strategy. Hashtags also make it easy for other people to discover your profile.

Asking Influences for Product Reviews

Another important thing that you can do is influencer marketing as it helps to attract more customers and increases sales. When brands collaborate with bloggers or influencers, the brand image develops in a strong manner.

When an influencer reviews your product, your followers will take the reviews seriously. Influencers play an important role in improving brand conversions by attracting more people to try out your product.


If you consider all the tips that are mentioned above, you will be a gainer in the long run. You will get more sales, and your brand will be in the limelight almost always.