How to Wash Big Trucks Properly


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Keeping a truck clean is a big task since truckers spend a lot of time on the road and have limited cleaning time. When washing a truck, you should do it right since most truckers don’t have a frequent washing routine. Here are some of the ways to ensure you wash trucks properly.

Use Water With Low Pressure.

If you are using a pressure washer, make sure it is safe for use on tracks. Pressure washers are good for getting out dirt from the engines, under the carriage, and wheels. However, they are not great for your car paint. High-pressure water pushes small particles into the paint layer, which can cause minor scratches. 

Start From the Top

Washing your truck from the top downwards will save you water and time. You do not have to run water in the same place several times. It would be best if you started washing from the roof, trunk, hood, and then sides; by adopting this method, you ensure that every sport is clean.

Use the Right Soaps

Use the appropriate car shampoo, which is not aggressive on your truck paint; avoid using dish wash liquids on your trucks. Dishwashing liquid tends to be aggressive on Grease, so once you apply wax, the paint can be removed. For regular truck wash maintenance, make sure you use non-abrasive car shampoo.

Use Enough Water

Water is essential in keeping the truck lubricated on the surface to avoid scratches. If your truck is dry, even soft rubbing with a sponge can cause tiny paint scratches. Before you start cleaning, wet the exterior part to remove dirt and grime. If the car dries up before you start cleaning, ensures that you wet it one more time. Even though it is necessary to use enough water to avoid wastage, if you are running a car wash, you may need to involve experts such as Cleanawater to advise you on the right ways of avoiding water wastage.

Use Different Brush on the Wheels 

Wheels are always dirtier than the rest of the truck bodies. You can choose to start by washing the wheels or end the process with them. You can use a firmer brush on the wheels to remove stubborn dirt and mad. Ensure that the brushes you use are safe for the rims. You can use the regular car shampoo on the wheels.

Rinse The Whole Truck With Clean Water.

Adjust your hosepipe pressure to low to ensure a stable water supply; this method is called sheeting. It helps when drying the entire car.

Wash It Inside Out 

Do not limit your truck cleaning to the exterior only, primarily if used to deliver medication and food substances. Make sure you clean the seats, the dashboard, and the carpet properly.

Dry the Exterior 

Drying the truck is the most time-consuming process in truck cleaning; you can air dry using pressurized air or a leaf blower.


Let your truck shine by waxing it. Waxing your truck does not only make it shine but also gives it a layer of protection against sunlight, dust, rain, and other natural elements. Be careful about the type of buffer you use on your track since using the wrong buffer can damage your truck paint. You can choose to use sealant or pure wax or combine the two. To make the waxing process fast orbital polishers then spread the wax using a microfiber towel.