How to Repair Roller Blinds


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Roller blinds are among the most popular types of blinds in homes today. People prefer this style because it is simple, easy to operate, and usually comes in elegant designs. These blinds are made up of fabric, a ratchet, a spring, as well as a hollow tube. The material is wrapped on this hollow tube, and it extends downwards to cover your window when the tube is being rotated. The ratchet’s job is to hold the blind in place if you only want it to cover part of the window.

Despite their simplicity and popularity, roller blinds are sometimes susceptible to a range of issues and problems. Fortunately, these are easy to fix. Sometimes your blinds are just too worn out, and in this instant, the best option is to buy iSeek Blind’s curtains online. Here are some quick, easy ways to fix some of the common issues you may experience with your rollerblades.

The blinds roll up but refuse to stay in place

Your ratchet is responsible for ensuring that the blinds remain in place, which is why the problem may be emanating from your ratchet if they refuse to stay put. To solve this issue, detach the blind from the bracket and completely roll your fabric. Once your ratchet is exposed, you can use a toothpick to remove any dirt, dust, or fluff that could have accumulated in the ratchet, as this could be causing the malfunction. You can also apply a lubricant to the ratchet so to keep it running smoothly.

The blinds roll down but have difficulty rolling back up

If your blinds roll down well but struggle to roll down again, this could be a sign that there is excessive tension within the operating system of the roller blinds. For minor strain, it is easy to retract your blinders by applying manual pressure to the cord. However, in a situation where there is too much tension, manual tension will not help much.

Therefore, to solve this, you need first to remove your blinds from the bracket. There will be a pin on the side of your roller blinds that you can turn, although you might need to use pliers. Turn it until it stops moving to adjust the tension. After this, put your blind back into its bracket, and you will notice it beginning to operate normally.

The blinds are rolling up and down too fast

If you are experiencing this issue, it means that your fabric is very loose on your tube. To rectify this, completely roll up your blinds, remove them from the bracket, and manually roll down the blinds halfway. This hack should reset your blinds, and they should hence continue functioning normally.

The blinds are rolling up and down too slowly

When your roller blinds are moving up and down very slowly, the issue could be that there is a small jam with your fabric and tube. To fix this issue, first lower your roller blinds. Proceed to remove this blind and manually roll it down to the halfway point with your hands.

These are a few common problems you could encounter if you use roller blinds for sliding doors and your windows. The tips provided above will help you easily and quickly fix these issues even if you are not an expert.