What is Short Term Respite Care?


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With the daily hassles and hassles of life, we often get caught up with the busy schedules. In turn, it becomes easy to neglect to care for loved ones, especially aging individuals. However, families can now delegate the care of elderly family members through respite care programs. Let us look at what it entails.

What is Respite Care?

Respite care is about enabling families to live an independent life even though they have loved ones depending on them. It can be at the home where the caregivers visit for a couple of days a week. On the other hand, it may involve enrolling the aging family members into aspecialized aged care facility

The care can either be short-term or long-term. It ranges from a few days, weeks, or more time of care. However, the most popular arrangements are short-term as family members giving care can be unavailable on certain days. They do not have to leave their loved ones with no consideration as respite care services can cover them. Also, it is challenging to care for people in need as the carers do not get to have members. Respite is the ideal option to consider whether it an emergency or you need to take a break from caring for an aging family.Let us delve deeper into the plan in the next section.

The Role of Short-term Respite Care

Although the plan’s schedule is usually for a short duration, the short-term respite care is beneficial to both tr caregiver, and the one cared for. 

An aging family member gets the opportunity of meeting peers and connecting with them socially. The personalized care ensures they are comfortable as it handles their specific needs. It is critical to disclose all needs of your loved ones before having someone else care for them. Also, there are various events and activities to stimulate the seniors. However, the respite care facilities ensure the activities are simple, safe, and fun. On the other hand, the facility supports the senior citizens in undertaking daily activities like bathing, dressing, taking medications, and meals.

Reasons to Consider Short-term Respite Care

Some of the reasons to consider short-term respite care include;

It is adaptable to senior living; respite care facilities provide a healthy environment for seniors. The community is adaptable to senior living as they have trained staff and amenities to support their livelihoods.

Recovery process; aging individuals need to get attention after undergoing treatment for a full recovery. Being alone at home is detrimental to a person’s recovery. It is why respite care facilities can help in the recovery process after surgeries.

Unavailable caregiver; as a caregiver, you can get emergencies or engagements, and you can trust an aged care facility to handle your loved one’s needs. You are sure of professional services.

The Costs

The respite centers will mainly base their charges on the duration of stay. It is calculated in hours that the facilities take care of your loved one. However, insurance companies do not usually cover the cost. Still, some will cover a part of the bill. You will need to have other alternative ways of covering the bill.


A client can choose to extend the duration of stay at an aged care facility if they need to. You can get a longer-term arrangement if you plan with the management.