How to Remember Your Deceased Loved One


If you are struggling with the loss of a loved one, it can be a good idea to look into special ways that you can remember them. 

Whether you are looking for something meaningful only to you and your deceased loved one or want to make a gesture that the wider community can enjoy, read on to discover six unique ways that you can honor the life of someone you loved. 

1Invest in a commemorative urn 

You might want to keep their ashes close to you and your family if your loved one was cremated. If this is the case, then a commemorative urn from provides a beautiful way to do this. 

You can choose from lots of different designs, including ones designed for law enforcement officers, firefighters, those in the armed forces, and people of faith. 

Alternatively, you could choose a memorial chest urn that is designed to store their ashes and a few other token mementos from their life. 

2Support a cause or charity 

If you want to give back following the death of a loved one, you could choose to support a cause or charity close to their heart. 

For example, if your loved one spent their final days in a local hospice, you could help with future fundraising events or volunteer your time. Or you could donate to their favorite charity. 

3Create a living reminder 

Memorial trees, flowers, and even entire gardens are becoming increasingly popular to remember a deceased loved one. 

Whether you choose to plant one in your own backyard or want to create something that everyone who knew and loved the deceased can enjoy, a living reminder offers a lovely way to remember someone you miss. 

4Organize an event 

If your loved one was an active member of the local community or a specific group or club, then a memorial event offers a touching way to remember them. 

For example, if they were a member of a local choir group, you could organize a concert or, if they loved a particular sport such as golf, you could arrange a tournament in their memory. 

This could be a one-off event or even an annual occurrence if you have the time to do so. 

5Start a tradition 

Can you think of something that your loved one was passionate about that you could continue in their memory? Perhaps they loved to garden, so you could plant spring bulbs each year? Or they were happiest in the kitchen so you could make a meal of all their favorite foods on their birthday. 

It doesn’t matter what you choose as long as it reminds you of happy times with your loved one. 

6Create a photo collage

If you have a lot of photographs of your loved one, then a photo collage is a great way to keep their memory alive. If you do not feel up to making one yourself, then there are lots of online collage creators that can help you to tastefully arrange your photos. 

Alternatively, you could make a video montage to share their best moments with family and friends.