How To Keep Your Plants Healthy & Happy


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If you are a gardener or you are a plant lover, it becomes important to know how to keep the plants healthy. It is also a tough task nowadays to take care of the plants after sowing them.

Only planting the trees is not enough you must take care of it always. You cannot take care of your plant naturally in this polluted environment, therefore, I will also tell some external market products that would help your plant to grow, in which using a rooting hormone powder or the natural rooting hormone would be the best option.

If plants do not get extra support in their growing stage then plants may wither soon. Proper guidance is also important in this gardening profession.

Everybody wants their plants to be green, beautiful and healthy all these can come with good care. In this article, we will talk about the thing you should consider to make your plants healthy.  Further, I am going to tell you some points that are necessary for a good life of plants.

Selection Of Good Soil

Soil is the home of the plants. It spends its whole life in the soil from its birth to the end. The foundation of the plants takes place in the soil. Therefore we can say that it is the most important thing we should consider while planting a tree.

Not only the species of the soil but also its care time to time is important. Various types of fertilizers are available in the market which enhances the power and strength of the soil.

In order to increase the fertility of the soil, we can use these fertilizers which are available in the market. You must have heard about some places where crop rotation happens three times a year whereas that same crop happens only once at some places. This profound change in the result of the property of the soil.

A Proper Space

Your plant will not grow at its optimum level until it finds a proper space for its roots and stems. Plants need a good spaced place where they could comfortably enhance themselves. If planting is being done into the pot then it is so important to choose the right pot for the right plant.

If you are not using a recommended pot for your plant then surely it will not grow as it should have been. You must have seen the professional garden and fields where plants maintain a proper and equal space, this is because the space maintenance is done with the plant to let them grow freely.

Right Position Of The Plant

A plant should be placed in the area where it can experience all-natural necessary things like air, water, and sunlight. Plants make their food through the sun and this process is called photosynthesis.

Because of the proper sunlight plants are able to make enough food for themselves, nourish them and get another benefit from it. Apart from the food sunlight also helps the plant to get energy as well.

If you put your plant nearby any ventilation area then I would be great for the plant. If the plants are placed nearby the window then it will thrive better and faster.

The reason behind this faster and better growth is the touch of the air and sunlight. Thus it is clear that plants grow faster in open places as compare to locked places. Hence if possible in the home, we should try to place our plants into a bit open area.


We all know how important watering the plants are. Water is the core need of the living things plants also need an appropriate amount of water. Water is the thing which helps the seeds to become a plant.

The reason behind not having greenery in the desert is the lack of water. Wherever the is we all find the greenery. Therefore watering the plants in the discipline should consider as a tremendously important task.

Like the desert, if you do not water your plant on time or you do not provide an appropriate amount of water to the plants it would become dry and shriveled.

On the other hand, water also helps the plant in transporting the nutritions throughout the plants. Nutrition in the plants is not able to transport without the help of the water. Water pushes all-important nutrition to all parts of the plants.


Fertilization is also an important part that accelerates the plant capacity to grow faster and healthier. It allows the soil to become more productive and fertile. There are many products are available in the market related to fertilization.

It also decreases the compassion which is so reliable and improves the ability to grow. Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium are the major elements of the fertilizer. All these elements are required to grow the plants.

When there is low-level availability of any of these items in the soil we should always use fertilizers. However in-home small plants it does not always require but if you do take care of it plant will be more healthy.

Fertilization always leads to more production as well. The main motive to use fertilizers is to accelerate the production of the yields.

The more production of the yield is possible if the plants are getting every required nutrition and mineral. Fertilizer takes care of the proper nutrition and minerals available for the plants.

The second phase of the fertilizer is that you should not use chemical fertilizers without having proper knowledge of it. Using chemical fertilizers may affect the quality and property if the yields of the plants.

Therefore we should always try to use natural and herbal fertilizer if possible. Mostly in farming where we eat the products of plants, enormous knowledge of using chemical fertilizers is important.


I hope these things will help you to know how to take care of your plants. There are so many more things you can do to take care of your plants but these were some common things which will help your plants to grow faster and make your plants more strong.