How To Hire The Right People


Are you in charge of hiring for your company? Are you overwhelmed with trying to find hire the right people and are unsure what to do? You want to not only hire people that have good personalities and would be easy for others to work with, but you also want to hire someone with experience and who can physically do the job.

While not all jobs have the same requirements in what to look for in an applicant, here are some ways that you can help better ensure that you’re hiring the best person for the job.

1Health Screening

If you are hiring for a physically demanding job, you need to make sure that the person you hire can do it. You don’t want to simply go off what the employee tells you. You want to make sure that you have them get a physical done. You can have the prospective employee go to their own doctor or recommend one for them to see. Most physicals check for blood pressure issues, heart problems, or physical limitations.

In addition to checking how well an applicant is doing physically, occupational health screenings are often used to check for drugs and can even be used for psychological testing. The psychological testing lets you know if the applicant is a team player, high-strung, or has a hard time taking orders. You can then take the complete results of their health screening and use the whole picture to decide on the applicant.

2Credit Check

While a credit check for an employer doesn’t show an applicant’s credit score, it does show how much debt they have and how they’ve done on their payments. This can be valuable information for you because you can better assess their potential risk for fraud or theft. Additionally, many missed payments could signify that the applicant isn’t very responsible or organized.

3Background Check

Unfortunately, it’s very common for applicants to lie on their applications and resumes. Because of this, you should always do your due diligence and verify what they say is true by doing a background check. A background check lets you verify that they have all of the training and certifications they claim to and that everything is up-to-date.

Furthermore, a background check allows you to see any criminal convictions they have in their past. If an applicant was open and honest on the application about their convictions, then you shouldn’t have much to worry about. However, if they lied and kept the convictions off, it could signify that they aren’t trustworthy.