Background Checks and the Healthcare Industry


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The healthcare industry is a highly regulated and very valuable industry. Concern about your patients’ safety and wellbeing should always be at the forefront of your mind and because of that, you have to be very detailed and cautious in your hiring process. That’s why background check tools such as a healthcare sanctions check are so useful. Healthcare sanctions check looks for any issues such as fraud, abuse, neglect, and healthcare convictions or court cases related to the medical industry.

One of the reasons a healthcare sanctions check is needed when interviewing an applicant is that medical issues tend not to show up on a traditional background check. A standard background check is chiefly composed of publicly available information and medical sanctions are often not available for public view requiring a sanctions check be performed to get a complete picture of an applicant’s background.

Why This Information is Important

There are several reasons running a healthcare sanctions check is useful and here are four of the most common reasons you’d want to run such a specialized report and why that information is useful.

  • Patient Safety: naturally patient safety is one of the most important parts of the medical profession. When you work in medicine a great deal of trust is required and the people you hire have to meet the highest standards of conduct. A sanctions check allows you to protect your patients from people who have a history of mistreatment or fraud. This also helps protect your company from any potential issues as well and the effort and time spent to do a thorough check of an applicant’s background are well worth it.
  • Government Standards: when dealing with governmental agencies such as Medicare and Medicaid there are many standards of behavior, licensing, and reporting you to have to meet. They expect you to vet your hires and do proper due diligence and this involves doing a healthcare sanction check on everyone you are considering for a position. If the Medicare and Medicaid agencies don’t feel you’re taking proper steps they can cut reimbursement rates or you could lose your ability to treat patients under these services. However, if you are taking the proper steps these matters should not be a concern.
  • Insurance Claims: in the medical industry dealing with medical insurance providers is a daily part of the profession and like governmental agencies, they want to be certain everything is above the board. Insurance companies can be quite particular when it comes to paying out claims and any issues with your staff can give them pause when it comes to processing a claim. By having a fully vetted staff with no severe issues on their record you reduce the chances of an insurance company having issues with paying out on a claim from a patient.
  • Your Company Safety: a healthcare sanctions review also serves to keep your business and employees comfortable and daily business working as expected. Depending on what a sanctions report discovers an applicant could have issues that make them difficult to work with or possibly put company equipment and medical supplies at risk. Healthcare sanctions check are useful for all involved parties.

Final Thoughts

Filling a job opening in any profession requires time, effort, and money and you want to make sure that you hire the right person for the job. Many industries make use of specialized background checks to supply information specific to their industry and its needs. A healthcare sanctions check is highly useful (and necessary) for the healthcare industry and any companies that work in or with companies in this area should make use of them. A healthcare check provides the information you need to make an informed and accurate hiring choice.