How to Cut Down On Insurance Costs for Your SUV?


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It is probably known to all how important it is to purchase an insurance policy when you purchase a car. And if you are planning on buying an SUV, you must do your research well and select a plan that will provide you with protection financially in case the vehicle gets damaged. As SUVs are more on the expensive side, you are advised to choose a plan with add-on covers because their maintenance is a little expensive as well.

In India, most people are obsessed with SUV cars and want to seek adventure in life. Having a Sport Utility Vehicle can be of use if you are planning for an adventurous trip that consists of terrains. However, during long drives, there are chances of unfortunate events taking place. The chances of your vehicle getting damaged are quite high. A medical emergency might also arise anytime while on the road trip. Therefore, before you’re leaving home for the journey and packing essentials, make sure to also buy a car insurance policy. Getting your SUV insured can cost you a bit more compared to a hatchback. This is because SUV’s generally have higher IDV.

How to cut down on the car insurance costs for an SUV?

Before you go ahead and purchase the insurance policy for an SUV vehicle, check if it’s economical as well as practical in every sense. Given below are a few tips that you must make a note of while purchasing car insurance for your SUV-

Accident Shield

Usually, the car insurance policy provides coverage for the medical costs of the insured if there is a case of an accident. But if you purchase the Accident Shield add-on cover, the medical costs of a driver or any other person in the car will be covered as well.

Coverage for car accessories

A few insurance companies provide you with add-on cover for selective car accessories that cost a little high, such as an LCD screen, GPS tracker, etc. If you have such expensive accessories in your SUV car, you can go for this cover. Apart from this, if you are fond of car accessories and want to give an ultra modern and unique look to your car’s interior then going for car led interior lights would be a great consideration..

No claim bonus (NCB)

If you didn’t make a single claim during the tenure of the policy term of your old vehicle, you are eligible to receive a concession on your new policy. But, don’t forget to transfer the accumulated No Claim Bonus (NCB) to the new car in order to avail the benefit.

Zero depreciation Cover

As known to all, the parts of an SUV car can be expensive than other vehicles. When you make an motor insurance policy claim, heavy deductions from the claim amount are made. If any of the parts gets damaged, the insurance provider won’t disburse 100% of the expenses for repairs of plastic components, tires, glass, etc. as they go through regular wear and tear. Therefore, it is advised to buy this add-on cover and save yourself from depreciation.

Do not fall into any trap and spend money for no reason. Another way you can save a little on car insurance premium is by comparing various policies online and calculating the premium amount using the car insurance premium calculator. This will help you save more than you can imagine, and you can enjoy your SUV car rides without worrying about the high costs.