Do I Need Dental Implants?


Dental implants in Hertfordshire could benefit patients who have missing teeth or a singular missing tooth. The implant acts as a root to build on new teeth to give the smile a natural look. This permanent solution is an accessible treatment that can provide an investment into a patient’s smile. When a smile is missing a tooth this can put pressure and stress onto the other teeth in the mouth. Teeth could crack or become susceptible to cavities and infection. If a patient is coping with a missing teeth they may adjust their bite pattern and this can cause weakening in the jaw. The other teeth in the smile can also begin to move in the absence of a tooth which can cause further issues. This article will run through how these implants work as well as what a patient can expect if they do decide to go ahead with this treatment option. This article will allow patients to decide whether this treatment could be the one for them and make sure they understand all the processes involved in the treatment.

How do they work?

The implants are screwed or taped into position and make close contact with the jaw bone. The bone is then encouraged to grow around the implant to provide stability for the root of the new teeth. The foundation that is provided by the implant can be a long term support for crowns, bridges and dentures. Implants can either be fitted in one session or two separate ones. The first step involves the implant being inserted at the jaw bone and the second involves fitting the new tooth to the implant. 

The implant procedure can be done in the practice and under local anaesthesia. The dentist on hand can ensure that their patients are comfortable and fully understand their individual treatment plan. Patients can be assured that they are in good hands as their dentist is highly trained. The end result will look, act and feel very much like a natural tooth which can help patients to feel good about their new smile.

What should I expect?

Patients who are considering these dental implants in Hertfordshire would open themselves up to a numerous amount of benefits. This includes a smile that looks and feels good. Having a smile that is complete again can have a dramatic improvement on the self confidence of the patient. The treatment can also improve the overall health of the mouth. Teeth can become easier to clean and this can reduce the risk of issues such as periodontal disease. 

The treatment can provide a long term investment in the overall health of the mouth and prevent issues in the teeth from developing over time. If a patient thinks that this treatment could be the one for them then they should consider getting in touch with the practice to begin their journey to a newer and healthier looking smile. If a patient has any questions about this treatment then they should have a look at the website in order to make an informed choice about the future of their smile.