Almost Invisible Solution with Visible Results


Using a device that is very discrete in the journey to achieving a healthier and straighter smile can be the deciding factor in whether an individual decides to go through with this life changing decision.

6 Month Smiles in Northern Ireland is a treatment that takes advantage of discrete tooth coloured brackets and wires that are not openly visible when an individual smiles. One of the greatest benefits with this treatment is, as the name suggests, the extremely short time frame in which people can achieve outstanding results.

As with every dental straightening treatment, a patient will need to wear a retainer for some period of time, perhaps the rest of their life, in order to keep their teeth in that same, straightened position, however this can be discussed with a dentist so that realistic expectations can be expected from the beginning.

When speaking about realistic expectations, using this treatment can certainly provide patients with a hopeful outlook, as it is an effective procedure that has provided many people with a convenient way to achieve a healthier smile.

Why is having straight teeth healthier?

There are many reasons behind the importance of having straight teeth. Perhaps one of the biggest factors is that plaque and tartar build up that inevitably happens when people are unable to correctly brush or floss their teeth.

In areas that are hard to reach, such as in tight gaps, where teeth crossover or where teeth are gapped, there is a higher instance of bacteria build up. Food debris can get trapped in these places and over time, this can lead to the breakdown of enamel and cause cavities. This doesn’t mention the immediate impacts of improperly cleaned teeth, such as bad breath and staining or unsightly looking smiles.

Another impact that has been proven to be more detrimental to those people who do not have straight teeth is the likelihood of damage should an accident occur. Teeth are designed to be properly aligned and to work with one another. 

If teeth are out of line, they can cause further damage to the mouth if there is ever the instance that an individual suffers an accident or injury. This can lead to further catastrophic issues with one’s oral health, because if one tooth needs to be removed, it increases the likelihood of other teeth losing their strength and stability as well. 

By straightening teeth, people can make sure that they are doing everything they are able not only to enjoy their smile, but to make sure it is enjoyed for as long as possible. A healthy smile is a combination of many factors and by ensuring teeth are strong and healthy by being straighter than they once were, an improvement has been made which will have positive impacts for the rest of their lives.

By using a teeth straightening device that suits the individual in every possible way, patients are able to enjoy their teeth straightening journey which allows them to feel more empowered and positive about their oral health in general.