Taking Your Instagram Account from Zero to Hero: Getting Your First 250K Followers on Instagram

Instagram is surely a phenomenally popular social networking site that is still gaining traction by the day. There is a tremendous amount of available attention for capturing that is why establishing a humungous following seems to be the top priority today for most individuals and brands. Ever since its inception, Instagram has grown to be the ultimate channel for sharing pictures. With more than 1 billion monthly active users and over 95 million pictures and videos are shared every single day. Moreover, more than 40 billion pictures and videos have already been shared on this platform ever since 2010, the year of its inception.

There are a huge number of Social media influencers present on Instagram with an exceptionally huge amount of followers online. And with the perfect plan of action and certain proactive steps, you too could become an influential and popular brand. You must post the perfect sort of content for staying relevant to present followers while attracting all new followers. Here are some well-tested stratagems for assisting others to establish a huge following on social networking platforms.

Choose a Theme and Remain Consistent

You need to choose a theme that made you stand out from the rest. There are numerous Instagram accounts and so you need to think of something that makes all the difference. You could grow your account by implementing self-deprecatory shock humor. Whatever you choose, you must necessarily be steady and consistent in your approach so that your followers remain engaged. In case, you are inconsistent your followers would unfollow you.

Follow a Consistent Posting Schedule

You must consider posting at least, once every day. You simply cannot grow if you are inconsistent and haphazard. You cannot grow in the event you stay away from posting for a week or so. You need to keep in mind that your followers would be expecting your fresh content and you must not disappoint them. You need to deliver consistently as per your set schedule.

Keep in mind that every Instagram post is supposed to be a golden opportunity to grab the attention of followers. For example, suppose every time you post, you receive as many as 300 comments. Around 95% have successfully tagged somebody else they thought would like your post. That new user is then notified. They would be seeing the meme they have been tagged on. Thus, they are introduced to your account. If they connect with you, you would be gaining new followers. You could even real Instagram account to boost your followers phenomenally.

Gather User-Generated Pictures

As per https://neilpatel.com, you are already having an engaged audience. You must consider leveraging the power and versatility of your audience for creating useful and valuable content for your Instagram account. Moreover, your followers would love to browse through a wide variety of intriguing user-generated-content as that is supposed to be unpredictable and authentic. For instance, renowned cosmetic brand MAC utilizes lots of user-generated-content that is being promoted on their account for flaunting their broad range of products. You must, however, choose the pictures with wisdom. Keep in mind the following points while choosing the right image.

  • Is your picture relevant and compatible with your brand image that you are hoping to create or have already created?
  • How large is the following of the individual whose picture you wish to share?
  • Is the picture appropriate or just right for your present business, audience, and following?

When you are operating a business, you must be certain of the fact that everything posted by you is aligned with your brand’s unique message. In case, somebody shares a user-generated picture with a huge following, those flowers would probably be interested in examining your page too.

Make Your Instagram Content Shareable and Pleasing

Your content needs to be intriguing and relatable too; however, you must also focus on making it shareable and aesthetically far more pleasing. Nobody would be sharing your perfectly worded funny meme if they find your watermark printed boldly all across the thing.

If somebody wishes to repost your fascinating picture but you are doing a promo or a huge ad over it, no one would be interested at all to repost it. When others are reposting your memes and crediting your Instagram account, they are helping you proactively to grow your account and widen your reach further.

Focus on Watermarking All Original Content

You must focus your attention on watermarking all your authentic content so people are able to understand whom to give the credit to in the event they decide to share. People are in the habit of taking a screenshot and reposting your images. Hence, you must necessarily safeguard your authentic content. Come up with a fascinating watermark that is hassle-free and legible. This gives the opportunity to the one sharing your content to acknowledge your contribution


Over the last couple of years or so, Instagram has been collaborating with brands and businesses for optimizing its advertising platform. We have witnessed exceptional results so far. With a great variety of available ad formats right from picture to carousel ads and video ads that facilitate brands so that they could narrate a much deeper story and also, come up with a link so that people could learn more. Instagram could be the destination to head for if you wish to achieve your marketing dreams and aspirations!

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