What are Single Dental Implants, and why May I Choose to Undergo Dental Implants in Melbourne?


Single dental implants are suitable for patients who may have lost only one tooth within the mouth. Single dental implants work in the same way as patients who have lost multiple teeth within the mouth. Dental implants consist of a base, a connector and a crown. Dental implants are small titanium screws (typically less than one centimetre long) that are inserted into the skull, they are then connected to a porcelain crown, or another form of dental implant. Individuals who wish for an easy aftercare maintenance routine, in terms of their dental health, may choose to undergo dental implants. Dental implants are a solution to the discomfort or even pain caused by missing teeth within the mouth.

Will I require more frequent dental appointments if I choose to undergo dental Implants in Melbourne?

Some individuals may choose to avoid visiting their dentist; this is more common than you may believe and can be avoided for a variety of reasons. In terms of the national health service, this allows patients to undergo a wide array of dental (and orthodontic) dental treatments at no, or little, financial cost. Those individuals who do not have access to the national health service (this may be due to age) may choose to avoid regular dental appointments as they do not wish to spend either small or large amounts for an appointment. Another reason why some individuals may avoid dental appointments may be due to a phobia. A phobia is essentially an irrational fear, which may be ignited by a negative experience as a child.

Although some individuals may believe that you may require more frequent dental appointments if you undergo dental implants (both single and multiple implants) this is not necessarily correct. Dental implants can be maintained in the same way as your regular and natural teeth. Dental hygiene routines, such as flossing and brushing, will not have to be altered if you choose to undergo dental implants in Melbourne. If you are an individual who has undergone this form of dental treatment, you may only require the same amount of dental appointments as an individual who has not undergone dental implants. Individuals may only require two dental appointments a year and these will be in order to track the healing progress of the dental implants, as well as for a general assessment of the rest of your teeth.

How much do dental implants cost?

At a private dental clinic, the cost of dental implants will vary greatly. As with any other dental treatment, the price for each individual may vary, based on the severity of the dental case. For example, the price of a single dental implant will be significantly less than multiple dental implants. The price of a single dental implant may cost upwards of around £1,900. An implant crown restoration may cost a similar amount. An example of one finance option may be an interest free finance plan. Interest free monthly payments are perfect for patients who wish to avoid a hefty lump sum.