Dental Implants to Support Bridges


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Good candidates for dental implants Melbourne are those who have just a few teeth missing alongside one another while most of the rest of their teeth remain healthy and intact. A single implant or a pair of implants can support a bridge of false teeth as well as the bone surrounding it. A bridge of teeth is far more secure than a set of loose dentures and can support normal to an active lifestyle without anyone needing to make changes to their eating habits. This is a solution to fill a wide gap and although they are easy to maintain, extra care needs to be taken while cleaning in order to avoid bad breath.

When patients lose a few teeth in a row

Missing teeth will result in bone loss in the jaw, however, tooth implants patients can ensure that they will maintain the health of their jaw bone throughout their lives even if their natural teeth are gone because the implants give the bone something to mesh with. A bridge of teeth can ensure that a wide gap in a row of teeth is neatly and convincingly filled and it will only require one or two implants inserted for all the teeth; for example, if there is a long gap with multiple teeth missing, two implants may be used, one on either side of the gap and then the bride is secured on both ends and is thus properly supported.

While there are other systems for supporting a bridge this is considered to be the strongest and most stable system because it not only supports a strong bridge but also the bone. This discourages bone loss over time as titanium does not tarnish and it will forever hold the bone in place.

Does implant surgery hurt?

You will not feel anything during surgery as your mouth will be made completely numb before any work starts, you may even be placed under sedation if you so wish. There may be some swelling and discomfort after surgery but this can be managed with over the counter medication. For a few months after the initial surgery, the patient will undergo a healing process where the bone fuses to the metal implant, however, this will not be felt at all as it is simply the body’s natural healing ability taking place. A temporary bridge will be provided to patients while they wait for the healing to be complete and then after about 6 months a more permanent and completely realistic bridge will be fit directly to the implant.


When a bridge is secured to a set of dental implants it will offer a realistic row of teeth that look beautiful and fit snugly in the mouth without the risk of them falling out at embarrassing moments. This restorative dentistry will offer patients the ability to bite and chew with ease and comfort in the same way they would if they had natural teeth and it will also ensure that the bone maintains its structure throughout their lives.

Disclaimer: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.