Yify Alternatives : 10 Best Torrent Sites for 2021


    What are the Torrent sites? What is Yify and why do you need to search for Yify alternatives 2021? Most of the Torrent sites are under constant surveillance by most of the law enforcement agencies to manage the download of copyrighted content. This is a primary reason why several countries have banned the famous sites like Kickass, Pirate Bay and Extratorrent. Similar to all these, Yify is also a movie site and considered a popular option for download of favourite movies. 

    Are you staying in a location where YTS or Yify does not work? Torrent site Yify movies help users to get access for their desirable entertainment dose. However, if there are legal hiccups due to which the YTS sites are not working, you can look out for Yify Alternatives to manage your concern. Here is another torrent site like Yify movies that can work effectively in the majority of the countries. 

    110 Best YTS Alternatives to Use in 2021 are as Follows:

    The Pirate Bay

    If you are looking for a suitable Yify movies alternative, The Pirate Bay is a great option to opt for. Apart from being a popular torrent site, TPB serves a large variety of entertainment for users from various backgrounds. Its decluttered interface is another reason making it the right choice. With these torrent sites, you can easily download movies, music, web series, software and a lot more. 


    It is a popular option amongst Yify Movies clone sites if you desire to download torrents for apps, movies, software and a lot more. Comprising everything you need in a good torrent site such as visual appeal and simple search index; it has it all. Design, features, categories and options of this torrent site excite all enthusiasts for it. There are multiple categories to browse, such as music, television, games, movies, anime and various applications as well. 

    Kickass Torrent

    Next option for a torrent site like Yify movies is Kickass. It is also storming the internet as the best Yify alternative and can serve the users who are unable to access YTS for several reasons. Although the main site is not working, the mirror domain is available for easy access. You can search for the top torrent options and locate the best ones. 


    Another popular Yify movies alternative is Rarbg that is retaining the topmost position. Although, this site comes with a lot of pop-ups and advertisements; it is still a trending alternative to download Torrent. Do you love to download movies from Torrent? If yes, torrent site like Yify movies can help in accessing the latest trailers from trending movies on the internet. 


    If you are searching for the best torrent sites, Lime Torrent is an option you cannot miss. This one is receiving a lot of good responses from users to download torrent files online. You can pick this option if you find that Yify movies are not working. Try out LimeTorrent at least once to check out it’s appropriate working. 


    Torrent lovers consider Zoogle as a famous torrent site like Yify movies. Although it is not a very new name in the torrent industry, still its user base is relatively high. You can download unlimited movies and videos from this link along with games, apps, music and movies. It is an excellent software to avail torrents. The unique feature about this website is you can avail other sections for torrent sites as well. 


    For the fans in search of Yify Alternatives 2021, Housemovie is yet another great choice. It has an online cinema where you can view the latest movies and rove to your favourite music as well. Every film is accessible here with metadata and a full box cover making it easy to watch. Besides, there are also many streaming links available at acceptable speed provided you have a good network connection. Also, there are no pop-ups and other annoying ads or surveys to spoil your experience. There are several Yify streams here making it worth a visit. 


    This is the Yify Movies clone site where you can watch movies in multiple languages. You can use this site from any part of the world. If you are fond of Hollywood cinema, then Movie4k would not fail to make you feel glad. US web shows, series and all-time blockbuster hits are also available here. 


    You can binge plenty of movies over here, and it also features multiple browsing options like IMDB metadata. This feature-rich site allures you with speedy internet surfing, and you can binge-watch your favourite movies for the whole night. Hence, it is a considerable Yify movies alternative. Cmovies is worth a try if you wish to immerse in an exceptional cinematic experience. 

    13377x Proxy

    It is also a fantastic torrent site like Yify movies and highly popular due to the wide range of movie selection and speedy page load times. Besides, the exceptional new features also make it a good alternative for most users. For gamers and music lovers, this site has a lot in its box to unfold and enjoy. The best part of 1337x is there are not many malware or pop-up issues giving you a seamless watching experience. 

    2Yify Movies Clone Site

    In case, Yify movies work inappropriately in your area, or ISP blocked its access; here are the proxy torrent sites to use as the closest alternative. They are Yify Proxy, Rarbgy proxy, Extratorrent Proxy and Kickass Torrent proxy. 

    3Common FAQs for Yify Movie Alternatives 2021

    1. What are Yify sites?
    2. YTS (Yify Torrents solutions) widely known as Yify Torrents, is a great site which features several options for magnet links and Torrent files.  
    3. Why do you need to search for Yify Movies alternative?
    4. The actual Yify site faced a huge shut down due to the illegal distribution of original and copyrighted content by its owners. After that, many Yify alternatives and proxy sites came into existence to provide a similar interface for its regular users. 
    5. Are Yify sites still working?
    6. Although the actual Yify sites were shut down since 2015, yet you can get access to YTS mirror sites and other alternatives. 
    7. What be the reasons for the inefficient working of YTS sites?
    8. The primary reason for the ineffective working of Yify sites might be the website blocked by ISP. In such a situation, you can optimize other alternatives for download of movies and games by TTorrent 
    9. How safe is it to use Yify Torrent sites?
    10. YTS is an actual platform for the Torrent users where they can access and download the latest movies safely. As it is no longer available, users can switch to multiple proxy sites that you can get as a replacement. Many file-sharing enthusiasts claim that the safety of clone sites is not compatible with the existing platform. Hence, you can select a preferable YTS movies clone site that is as safe as the original one. 
    11. Can I access YIFY Torrents with the assistance of a VPN service?
    12. VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a private bridge that helps in offering a safe and encrypted connection for several websites online. To access this tunnel, you can make use of a personal VPN service known as NordVPN. Using an ExpressVPN, you can create a user account on your mobile device or laptop. It can help you to enjoy safe streaming online to ensure that no one keeps a watch on your activities. 

    4Final words

    Now you have a list of popular Yify Alternatives 2021 where you can get HD print movie release and quick downloads. Despite the unavailability of the parent Yify site, you can make use of its clone and proxy sites to enjoy high-end movie experience. However, you need to go through the legal disclaimer and rules of these sites. Watching duplicate content is illegal, and we nowhere support this type of activity. But the information given above is informational to make YTS users aware of the alternatives!