Best Shampoos and Conditioners for Every Hair Type 2021

Best Shampoos and Conditioners

Do you know the vitality of the hair care regime? Is it necessary to use shampoo and conditioners? What are the factors on which choice of your shampoo depends? Depending on your hair type, you can make a selection for the right type of products. Every hair has a distinct requirement, and the selection of hair care products are following that. The dermatologists also recommend the best shampoo and conditioner as per the various hair types.

Prioritizing the product as per the need adds value to it. For example, the people facing hair thinning issues can give an eye to shampoos that help give them extra value and impart a plumper look! There’s a lot to explore about the shampoos and conditioners for hair loss, dryness, damage, thinning, and a lot more. A detailed guide is also a part of our write-up that explains the process of correctly applying the shampoo or conditioner.

Few shampoos focus on oily hair, while others come with exfoliating ingredients like glycolic acid that suits the dry hair types. Key ingredients of every healthy shampoo are avocado oils, shea butter, olive, argan, and jojoba oils. All these components ensure better hydration for your hair. Depending on your hair’s quality, length, and texture, production selection can be possible from your end.

Best Shampoos and Conditioners for Hair Treatment

1For Curly Hair

Curls can look beautiful and gorgeous provided you give them proper nourishment and the right care. Ingredients like apple cider vinegar, Jamaican black castor oil, shea butter, and peppermint help moisturize your scalp and shine to your fantastic curls. There are many brands popular in the market for curly hair shampoos and conditioners. Shea Moisture Jamaican shampoo and conditioner and Sebamed Anti-dry hydrating shampoo are our top picks for this!

  • Can’t think of any

2For Dry Hair

Dry and dull hair can also ruin the beauty of your hair, making them lifeless and frizzy. Washing hair with regular shampoo and strip off the moisture and adversely affect the cleansing regime. You need to opt for an herbal shampoo that consists of natural oils to prevent dryness. This can help in giving you glossy and shiny hair. Our picks for an anti-dry shampoo are Dr.14 Vital Care shampoo and African Citrus bloom shampoo.

  • Combat Hair Loss
  • 14 Active Ingredients

    3For Damaged Hair

    Do you find it tedious to select hair shampoo for the damaged hair? Men and women facing hair damage problems often stay confused about the choice of shampoo and conditioner. Pampering your damaged hair strands with the right hair shampoo works in an excellent manner. Popular brands like L’Oreal and dove offer you fantastic hair care products to rejuvenate the damaged hair.

    • Clean & repair damaged hair
    • Nourish & repair damaged hair

      4For Frizzy Hair

      Nexxus Frizz Defy Shampoo

      Are you not able to manage frizzy hair? Isn’t it frustrating to make a hairstyle with dry and frizzy hair? Many reasons lead to frizzy hair, such as bad weather, dryness, excessive medication, and many other reasons. You need gentle and deep nourishment to add smoothness and shine to your hair. The right choice of shampoo packed with anti-frizz nutrients can prevent your hair from getting frizzy and dry. Our picks for this shampoo are NEXXUS Frizz Defy Shampoo, Organix shampoo, and Redken frizz shampoo.

      • Protects hair against humidity and frizz

        5For Fine Hair
        Are you facing the issue of thinning hair? If yes, you need to look out for the hair shampoo that removes all the oil, dirt, and left-over residue and gives a deep cleansing to the hair. A good quality conditioner also provides necessary hydration for your hair, making them free from damage. The choice for the selection of best shampoo for thin hair helps in giving strength to your hair. A recommendable brand for this shampoo is Naked volume white grapefruit shampoo powered with herbal essence.

        • Thirst-quenching formula provides moisture, touchable softness, and extraordinary color protection for fine hair.

          6For Hair Growth

          You need the right shampoo that accelerates your hair volume and treats thinning. Philip Kingsley body building shampoo is an effective shampoo that comprises keratin proteins and natural cellulose to add bulk to your hair. Any conditioner and shampoo that gives an optimal value to the hair is something you need.

          • Volumizing shampoo for fine hair
          • Plumps and thickens fine strands

            7For Color-Treated Hair

            Color-treated hair has different needs, and you need to select alcohol-free shampoos for this purpose. As your hair has met exposure to various chemicals, they need an expert formula to give your hair a silky and smooth texture. Using a good quality shampoo designed to meet your color-treated hair’s needs can help you provide a soothing effect.

            • This conditioner for color treated hair protects essential proteins within the hair fiber while enhancing its color vibrancy.

              8For Colored Hair

              Hypoallergenic shampoos and conditioners can nourish the hair strands and moisturize them to retain the freshness of colored hair. Besides, they offer an extra layer of defense to maintain the vibrancy of colors in your hair. The selection of a conditioner for colored hair reduces frizz, gives shine, and imparts a better hydration effect to your hair. You can also buy a combination set to ensure overall protection for colored hair.

              • daily use and safe for color-treated hair.

                9For Oily Hair

                Are you disgusted with your oily hair? For making the oily hair look fuller and shiny, you need a paraben-free shampoo and conditioner. Few expert shampoos include a formula that offers relief from dryness, itchy scalp, and flakes. You can also get another expert formula that hydrates and cleanses the oily dirt from your hair and makes them look bulkier.

                • Light classic scent leaves hair smelling fresh and clean

                  10For Dry Scalp

                  Amongst the leading brands for the shampoo and conditioner that suits dry scalp, Botanic Hearth Tea tree shampoo + conditioner set is a good option. Dry scalp might also appear itchy, and to deal with it, you need a sulfate-free shampoo that invigorates deeply in your hair. The expert formula of such shampoos can also hydrate your scalp and is refreshingly clean. It is vital to take a patch test so that you can avoid any allergic reactions.

                  • Color protect shampoo and conditioner
                  • For all hair types, especially for dry, damaged hair

                    11For Wavy Hair

                    Flaunt your hair waves in style with and expert shampoo and conditioner that helps keep the unique hair texture intact. Specially designed wavy and curly hair shampoos and conditioners gently cleanse the hair and infuse moisture in your head. It also helps in giving you’re the healthy waves that protect your hair from any damages. The advanced formula of such shampoo also works on brittle, dull, discolored, and frizzy hair.

                    • Revitalizing Dull, Damaged Sgtrands
                    • Restoring Lively, Healthy Hair

                      12For Hard Water

                      If you reside in a place where water is hard, hair wash becomes a big task as not all shampoo and conditioners work well in such water. You need a shampoo that can gently clean off all the impurities and toxins from the hair in such water. It works as a deep cleaning detox that restores the necessary minerals and removes all the impurities from hard water. You can avail the desirable softness of hair and minimize the damages as well.

                      • Superior duo for hair exposed to hard, soft or softened water; prevents dry, brittle, discolored hair.

                        13For Thicker Hair

                        To restore the beauty and gorgeous volume of thicker hair volume, you need the hair care products that give a profound cleansing effect. Thick hair looks lovely in all forms, and you need the right conditioning effect to make them look marvelous. Deep cleansing and nourishment can accelerate hair thickness and prevent brittle or thin hair growth.

                        • Sulfate free
                        • Paraben Free
                        • Cruelty Free
                        • Natural

                          14For Weave


                          If you have hair weaves, it is a significant issue for hair breakage and damage. To prevent it, you need a perfect solution that stimulates the hair follicles and prevents all types of hair damages. This type of shampoo can also revive the hair nourishment and deep conditioning. Weaved hair has a distinct requirement, and you need to stay cautious while selecting the shampoo that meets the purpose.

                          • Men and women can reap the benefits of our biotin keratin shampoo and conditioner

                            15For Bleached Hair

                            Right type of conditioner and shampoo for bleached hair can maintain the gloss and color effect in your hair. Purple shampoo is a great brand to revitalize brittle and damaged hair strands. It contains an expert hydration formula to moisturize and treat your scalp with a unique shine. You need to pick a shampoo that retains the nutrients and proteins in your bleached hair and gives them a different thickness and keratin effect level. The right type of conditioner guards the hair color and gives it a perfect finish.

                            • Formulated to protect, balance, and tone bleached blonde and silver colored hair.

                              16For Hair Loss

                              What’s the primary reason for hair loss? It happens due to excessive DHT proportion in your body. A good quality shampoo packed with triple-action formula can give you a better appearance and fuller look. Most men and women suffering from hair loss need a shampoo that deals with hair loss‘s root cause and gives it better thickness. Sticking to the dedicated shampoo and conditioner brand for hair loss to see the difference for yourself.

                              • POWERFUL & SAFE

                                17For Thin/Aging Hair

                                If you are aging and experiencing excessive hair breakage and dryness, an expert formula is all you need to reinforce the excellent hair quality. There are specialist shampoo brands that follow the anti-aging bond repair formula to restructure the hair strands. It is especially suitable for aging people and needs a good shampoo to fight dry and brittle hair.

                                • highly effective affordable clinically researched and transformative solutions

                                  18For Dreadlocks

                                  Best shampoos for curly hair or coarse dreadlocks help make your hair softer and impart a better conditioning effect to them. A perfect shampoo formula that controls moisture and nourishes the dreadlocks should be your pick in that case. Taking care of your locks is also essential to prevent hair breakage or dryness that makes them look awful. That is why you need a conditioner that gives your dreadlocks an appealing look, making you a head-stunner on every appearance.

                                  • Lightweight and residue free leaving your scalp feeling refreshed and hair squeaky clean

                                    19For Dyed Hair

                                    Brands like L’Oreal offer a complete range of shampoo and conditioners specially designed for dyed hair. Regular application of this shampoo can give you a luminous shine and work on color-treated hair. Such conditioner and shampoos are gentle, and the creamy formula leaves an aromatic fragrance that is blissful. Conditioner for dyed hair needs to be 100% free from gluten, sulfate, paraben, and other vegan ingredients.

                                    • Gentle, Anti-Fade System
                                    • Lush Lather & Conditioning

                                      20For Dandruff

                                      Dandruff, and itchiness in the scalp are common issues many people face these days. You need a shampoo that is gentle on your scalp and eliminates dandruff. Look out for a shampoo formula with a perfect blend of shea butter and coconut that removes the flaky patches with few uses. Dove itch relief and dryness shampoo work impeccably on the dandruff prone hair that also affects the hair texture on the whole.

                                      • Cleanses to remove buildup from scalp and hair
                                      • Restores scalp and hair moisture

                                        21For Dry, Damaged Hair

                                        Dry and damaged hair have a different requirement as they need shampoo or conditioners having a hydrating formula. A sulfate-free formula works right for the damaged hair, and it also retains the hair softness. After all, revitalizing the hair follicles with natural oil extracts, amino acids, and proteins is vital for the overall hair care regime.

                                        • Sleek Shampoo and Conditioner Set

                                          22For Dry Curly Hair

                                          The best shampoos for curly hair are the ones with 100% natural Moroccan oil in them. Such a type of sulfate-free shampoo restores essential vitamins and proteins that give your hair a unique gloss and shine. Ingredients like argan oil help in the hydration of hair and retain elasticity. This type of shampoo also aids in hair thickening and imparts multiple benefits like hair damage control and thicker hair growth. It also offers deep hair nourishment along with essential vitamins in it.

                                          • 100% NATURAL ORGANIC OIL
                                          • EFFECTIVE FOR ALL TYPES OF HAIR

                                            23For Straight Hair

                                            To avail straighter hair, you need a keratin-infused conditioner and shampoo that repairs the hair damages and gives them a new shine. The advanced nourishing formula also aids in maintaining shiny, healthy, and strong hair growth. You need to invest in a sulfate-free shampoo that leaves a smoothening effect on hair, easy to manage. And proper hydration can also ensure protection from heat, sunlight, and other damages.

                                            • FOR ALL HAIR TYPES
                                            • DEEPLY MOISTURIZING

                                              24For Greasy Hair

                                              Oily hair or greasy hair needs the oil-free formula to ensure moisture control balancing. This type of shampoo is helpful in the removal of dandruff and scalp psoriasis as well. Most shampoos for greasy hair build a protective layer of protein that leaves your hair shiny and strong. It also prevents frizz and aids in healthier hair growth. Argan oil therapy and works wonders in shedding or excess oil and retaining the necessary moisture in your hair.

                                              • Works well with any conditioner and is great for all hair types including curly and frizzy hair.

                                                25For Gray Hair

                                                Do you know that you require a unique shampoo formula that retains your hair’s actual look, color, and texture? Random hair products can have an adverse effect on your gray hair, making them look dull and brassy. If you have gray hair, then pick the right shampoo that eliminates the yellow residue from hair and give them a radiant and fuller look. Besides, it also makes them look softer and more manageable.

                                                • Uses targeted nutrition technology to hydrate dry and porous hair. Hair is left feeling shiny and healthy.

                                                  26For Natural African American hair

                                                  An ultra-rich hydrating formula can help you treat natural African American hair with due care. It also consists of avocado properties that aid in regular conditioning, cleansing, and moisturizing. A rich concentration of nutrients and the right PH balance gives full nourishment to your hair. You need to select the shampoo that works amazingly for this hair type and has a gentle effect on your scalp.

                                                  • Best shampoo for African American hair

                                                    27For Keratin-Treated Hair

                                                    Revitalizing the keratin-treated hair’s hair strands is also essential to retain the expert makeover and strengthen your hair. Few shampoos work mildly on such hair and coast the hair shaft with incredible shine and finish. Above all, using good quality shampoos also aids in retaining the keratin finish for a longer time on your hair. Sometimes, over-styling or chemical treatments lead to hair damage, and you can cure it with special shampoos designed for keratin-treated hair.

                                                    • Ideal for frizzy, dry or color-treated hair that needs some smoothing TLC

                                                      28For Black Hair

                                                      If you need an expert shampoo and conditioner for black hair, it is vital to search for a chemical-free solution and packed with herbal ingredients. Look out for the shampoo that deeply nourishes the hair scales and restores overall hair health. After a few washes with such expert care formula, you can get a root repair and nourish and strengthen the hair from root to tips.

                                                      • Natural Hair Therapy
                                                      • Lustrous & Shiny Hair
                                                      • Promote hair growth & prevent lost

                                                        29For Relaxed Hair

                                                        Protection against hair damage and frizziness is vital to protect the hair length with an alcohol-free shampoo enriched with Pro-V nutrients. You can opt for a shampoo powered with jojoba oil and coconut oil and gives a relaxed hair texture. It can also prevent your hair from all types of future damages. And above all, brands like Pantene is also effective on relaxed as well as color-treated hair.

                                                        • Helps moisturize and relax the natural hair for women of color and gives a radiant, healthy shine to the hair.

                                                          30For Long Hair

                                                          If you need the right shampoo and conditioner to restore the long hair quality, it is vital to opt for a paraben-free vegan shampoo. You should switch to the shampoo that eliminates all the excess oil from your hair and gives a nourishing effect on them. For irresistible, lustrous, and voluminous long hair, you need the right solution and conditioner.

                                                          • GET SOFTER, SHINIER HAIR
                                                          • ACHIEVE STRONG, THICK HAIR
                                                          • SAFE FOR EVERYDAY USE

                                                            How to Properly Make use of shampoo and conditioner?

                                                            The shampoo is an excellent cleansing agent that aids in removing unwanted dirt, oil, sweat, and pollutants from your hair. On the other hand, some conditioners comprise proteins, natural oils, and botanical extracts, giving you a shinier hair look. Application of conditioner leaves behind a thin film on your hair surface and imparts perfect protection to it. Several people who apply shampoo are often unaware of techniques and means to use it correctly. If you fail to do so, it might not deliver the desired outcomes in the end,

                                                            Shampooing helps eliminate excess dirt and oil from hair but might leave it dry and rough. With the application of good quality conditioner, you can gain the right shine and softness that you would love to flaunt!

                                                            Is it Necessary to do Conditioning on Hair After Application of Shampoo?

                                                            While planning to buy hair shampoo and other hair care products, it is also crucial to learn about their correct application. Have you heard about the trend of co-washing? There is a new way of washing hair known as reverse shampooing or conditioner application before shampoo. It is a new-age co-washing technique that skips the actual shampoo work at all.

                                                            So, what is the right way to wash the hair?

                                                            Conventional hair wash routine with the shampoo-conditioner form is still the most preferred option as every individual has a different type of hair quality and preferences. Trying out these techniques individually can help you to settle at any of them.

                                                            31How to make use of shampoo and conditioner?

                                                            Most people recommend using shampoo for an in-depth hair cleansing and then following it with a good conditioner. Here are the steps to apply both these things for availing lost-lasting and best results:

                                                            • Rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water but not a hot one.
                                                            • Squeeze out some shampoo liquid on your palm
                                                            • Merge it on your scalp and then slowly massage till it forms a lather
                                                            • After that, work the lather of shampoo evenly on your hair but ensure a deep massage onto the scalp.
                                                            • Leave it for a minute
                                                            • Now wash your scalp and hair thoroughly once or twice as per the requirement
                                                            • Spurt some conditioner again into your palm.
                                                            • Start massaging in through the hair length but avoiding using it over the scalp.
                                                            • Allow it to settle for 2-3 minutes for best effects
                                                            • Rinse the hair thoroughly and repeat the wash if you spot remains of conditioner
                                                            • After you are out of the shower, wrap a towel gently on your hair to remove excess moisture.
                                                            • Allow your hair to dry on its own rather than making use of hair dryers.

                                                            The frequency of hair wash with shampoo and conditioner depends on individual choices and hair types. Some people have oily hair, and they might have to indulge in repeated washes. However, regular cleaning would not harm your hair in any manner. Stick to the shampoo and conditioner brands having milder cleansing agents in them. If your hair often gets exposed to environmental influences, then removing dirt with the best quality shampoo should be your ideal pick.

                                                            Choose the Shampoo that Goes with your Hair Type!

                                                            You need to select the shampoo and conditioners perfect for thinning hair, silicone-free, and go right after a Coolest haircut or makeover. Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner is possible when you understand your hair type from the above list and then fix the right option.

                                                            Wrapping up

                                                            If you stick to conventional patterns, using conditioner after the shampoo is the right way to remove excess dirt and feed them with nourishment. However, co-washing of hair is also a new trend that experts recommend to people having thin hair. There are multiple hydrating benefits of such conditioners as they give an extra volume and bounce that you desire. If you select the hair care products as per the hair type, half your hair related problems can wipe off in a swing!