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    Roku media streaming player is widely used to stream high-quality content from streaming services like Hulu, HBO GO, Netflix, and BBC iPlayer. The main reason why this device is among the top-selling gadget in the world today is its easy setup with the device. However, some users are consistently getting the problem in setting up their Roku device. They are unable to set up their device in a proper manner. Considering this issue, our www Roku com Link support has started providing the method to set up the Roku device with the other compatible device.

    The process of setting up a Roku device is certainly an important one because it is all required to enjoy the entertainment channels on your TV. The very first and foremost step required in setting up the Roku device is registering the device on Roku by logging into Once you set up an account on Roku, you will shortly receive an activation code that needs to be entered in a particular space on the Roku account. If you don’t want to follow this method, then connect your device to the TV and read on-screen instructions and follow them in the same order. Right after setting up the Roku device, you will have to create a Roku account for which, you can go to Roku com link sign up. Enter all the necessary details and create an account. To confirm whether your Roku account has been created, you need to go to the Roku com link sign-in page and enter your credentials.

    1Roku Streaming Stick Setup and: How to execute it?


    The setup procedure is almost the same for all Roku models. So, if your friend has owned a different model, then you can explain the same setup procedure to him as well.

    If you have owned an old model television, then you are required to connect the audio-video input of your TV along with the HDMI connection. Yes, if you have recently purchased a smart TV, then you need not connect the standard audio-video connection, only HDMI connection is good enough. You must use the high-speed HDMI cable for connecting the smart TV with the Roku media-streaming player.

    2Setting up Roku player:

    1. The very first step to begin the setup process is connecting the Roku player to the TV with the help of HDMI cable.
    2. Now to connect the Roku player with the internet, either use the Home Wi-Fi network or use Ethernet port for connecting directly to the Router. This port is available at the back of the Roku player.
    3. Pick up the Roku remote and insert the batteries inside it by opening the back cover of the remote. It is recommended to use new batteries.
    4. Now connect the Roku device with the power supply by connecting the one end of the power cable to Roku and another end to the power adapter that is fixed to the wall outlet.
    5. Switch on the TV and change the source of your TV to the HDMI port. You must ensure that you have selected the right port from the list of ports, on which your Roku device is connected. Once completed successfully, you can now start the setup process. The Roku logo will appear on the screen if the right port is selected. Here you need to stay in touch with the www Roku com support link. We will help you in this regard and provide the most efficient solution.
    6. The process of the Roku streaming stick setup is almost the same as that of the Roku media-streaming device except that there aren’t wires and cables to connect. You need to do Roku login for adding channels to your Roku account.

    3Move forward with the guided setup:

    Choose a language:

    • After your Roku device turned on, you will find guided instructions on the screen and will be prompted to select the language of your choice. All the Roku settings and text will start displaying in that language. If the language, which you want to select is not available on the screen, then scroll down to locate the same from the list. There are some channels, which will remain available in the foreign language because they translate option in such channels is completely under the control of channel providers. You can choose all the settings via Roku remote, but in case, the remote has stopped working, then you need to find a way to reset Roku remote for which, you can take the help of our Roku experts.

    Connecting Roku to the network

    • Here, you need to select the home Wi-Fi network to connect the Roku to the internet. You will be asked to enter the password for your network. Enter it and click on ‘ok’. Before connecting to the network, you must ensure that your smartphone is also connected to the same Wi-Fi network otherwise; you will not be able to stream contents from your smartphone.
    • Enter the password carefully and turn on ‘show password’ option to see what you are typing.
    • After entering the password in the desired field, click on ‘connect’. As soon as you click on connect, your device will get connected to the internet at the same time. In case, this doesn’t happen, visit www Roku com link from the computer.

    Wait for Roku to fetch the latest software for downloading

    • When the Roku gets connected to the internet, the very first thing it will do is; to check for software updates if available any on the link. If available, then it will start downloading automatically. If Roku is not able to fetch the latest software, then there is a possibility that your Roku not working. Immediately get in touch with Roku’s support to get the right assistance.

    Creating an account on Roku and activation

    • Activation of Roku requires a valid Roku account of every individual. Roku account keeps the track of all devices you owned earlier and a list of channels you have installed on your device at present along with the private channels. So you can judge the importance of the Roku account from the mentioned aspects.
    • When you connect your Roku with the account, the setup instructions will start displaying on the TV screen, along with the Roku link code activation. You will be required to open the official Roku website and enter the Roku activation code from your smartphone onto the site to activate your device. If you are using a computer, then the process of entering the Roku com link enter code is the same as the previous one.

    4www Roku Com Link Code: Process To Find It

    The activation process in the Roku has its own significance. You can’t continue the setup process without activating Roku. This code is in the form of an alphanumeric number, which will appear automatically on the screen, once set up a Roku player. If you find any problem in locating the Roku comlink code enter, then move on to the Roku account to check the player section. You will get the code in your account only if it is linked to your device. Open the Roku account from the search engine browser.

    If you come across the condition when the Roku link code doesn’t appear on the screen, then it is recommended to take Roku help from the support provider and send a request for the new code. One thing that is to be kept in mind here is that you must enter the Roku com link activate in the link section only on the authorized Roku link because the right code at an improper place may cause a problem while activating Roku.

    First, you must ensure the right place, where you need to put it. Roku activation may take several minutes for updating a Roku code, so you need to stay calm and wait until the code gets updated on your device. It doesn’t matter if it is a Roku device setup or Roku stick setup, you can’t move on without activating the device. Don’t make self-assumptions related to error codes while updating a Roku code. Everything will be done automatically.

    However, unfortunately, if the Roku update fails to take place, then there is nothing to worry about. Just log onto the Roku support link. The experts sitting over there will help you out in the best possible way. Another self-diagnosis method, which you can apply on your device is; restart your Roku, this will clear the memory and refresh the device. Now try updating it again. If you are able to get success, then move onto further steps to accomplish the setup process. If you come across any issue, then seek assistance from Roku customer support.

    In case, the new code doesn’t work on your device, the only option left with you is to; reset a device. Now we are going to discuss the steps to reset your device. We all know that we are dealing with this issue for quite a long time. If you want to reset the device, then first go to ‘settings’ then select the ‘factory reset’ option from the sub-menu.

    Problems Related to Roku Com Link and Account Activation Code:

    Roku device activation is possible only and only if the device is linked to the Roku account. As you know the Roku account stores important information related to your devices such as model number, type of device, currently installed channels in the Roku channel list, moreover your preferences, and advanced settings. The activation process has already been discussed above.

    If you are still in a jeopardy, then the steps related to set up have been wrongly implemented by you or there is some error in the setup process. The activation process begins by visiting the from your computer. There are two methods to activate the Roku device. One method is by visiting the above-mentioned link and the other method is by entering the code that is displayed on the front of your TV screen. But, if you encounter any problem, then you will be required to keep in touch with the Roku support executives. They will help you out.

    1. Error while entering the Code on the web page: In case, you notice an Error message after entering the Roku link code in the desired field, then try to enter the code again with utmost care. This issue mainly arises due to the falsification of activation code or issue in the network. Before entering the code, you must ensure that your network has good signal strength.

    If the issue remained unsolved, then follow the two steps mentioned here as under:

    • Click on the ‘help’ link from the Roku official page, then tap on ‘get a new code for Roku device’.
    • Once the new code gets appeared on the screen, move back to Roku comlink and type the new code in the relevant box.
    1. The code is successfully entered but the Roku player is stuck on the code activation link screen: Most of the time, the activation process completes at once, but sometimes it may take to complete. You need to wait for a while in such a case. If you observe that the link code doesn’t get changed, then there is some problem with it. The steps to troubleshoot this problem are discussed here as under:

    The very first thing that you have to look at is whether all the steps mentioned in the activation process are properly implemented on the link or not. All the steps are must for the completion of the setup process and these must be performed in sequential order, else your device will not get activated.

    If you observe ‘error 001’ along with ‘not connected’ message on the top corner of your TV screen, then this indicates that your streamer is not connected to the internet. You can fix this issue by tapping the ‘try again’ option. As soon as you click on this option, the new Roku link enter code will be generated. Add this code to the web page. Click on ‘submit’ after entering the new code. If the problem still lies, then press the ‘help’ button encapsulated on the Roku remote.

    1. Roku code link is not found: If this message appears on the screen, then this is due to the wrong link opened by you on the computer or it may be due to technical failure. If you come across this type of issue, then call our support number. We provide 24/7 assistance to our valuable Roku users, who are dealing with such kind of problems.
    2. HDMI loose connection: Another reason for not being able to get Roku link code on-screen is loose HDMI connection. If you observe a purple screen along with Roku HDCP unauthorized content disabled message on the screen, then it means that the HDMI connection is loose or cable not fixed properly. To resolve this issue, connect the cable again by first disconnecting it from both sides, then firmly fix on both ends. If you still observe the same code on the screen then change the HDMI cable and connector, else call at Roku support number immediately. We are providing the best support for Roku setup, activation, and process.

    What makes our www Roku com Support different from others?

    1. Precise assistance: No doubt, the process of setting up a Roku device is quite easy but for beginners, it may pose a problem. If you are a beginner, then there is no need to worry, we at the support link are there for you to provide a thorough guide to the setup process. If you are facing any issue during the setup process, then call at our support number anytime. We will troubleshoot the problem by taking remote access to your laptop and fix the problems related to set up on our own. We also deliver exemplary ‘Roku setup’ support to our customers.
    2. Help related to Roku activation: The most common problem faced by almost 70% of Roku users is related to Roku activation. Though the process is simple and one can easily accomplish it but fetching the code from the link sometimes becomes difficult. We are here to provide support to you at such levels. You can directly call at support assistance numbers mentioned on the website and fix the problem immediately.
    3. Active support for all Roku issues: Apart from setup and activation issues, there are mammoth of issues we offer assistance for. If you encounter any of the error codes i: e., 001, 003, 005, 002, 004, 012, 014, 013, and so forth on the screen, then call at support number. We are familiar with all the above-mentioned codes so we can easily assist the users. Moreover, we are also active in diagnosing the issues related to Roku HDCP content disable. There is no need to call any other service provider when we are there for you to serve. Just keep in touch with the Roku experts and explain the problem, which you are facing on your device to him/her. You will get complete information about the causes of this error along with the potential solutions.
    4. Assistance regarding channel activation and issues: We receive a number of calls regarding channel activation, especially ESPN Roku activation, so if you too want to activate ESPN on your Roku, then kindly call us on our toll-free number. We are also adept at fixing issues befalling in Roku channels, especially Netflix, which is the most prominent streaming channel in the world today. If Netflix not working on Roku, then you can get the right solution from our Roku helpdesk.

    We are also providing support for other Roku models like a streaming stick and Roku 3, 4 models. The activation process of the Roku streaming stick is a bit different from that of the Roku streaming player but it is rather easier than that. We provide thorough support to all the users regardless of the device they have. Where most technical support facilities duck the tough issues such as unable to sign in to the Roku account via the Roku link sign up page, we, on the other hand, fix it with great precision. Our main objective is to make the device smarter so that you can easily watch your favorite content on it without any hassle.

    Our Roku support is regarded as the best company for providing wonderful support for Roku devices. The main difference between the support provided by us and by the other companies is that we have experts for both new and older Roku models, whereas new companies mostly offer support for new products only. We always try to rectify the problem as early as possible by any means. Our team has expertise in setting up and activating the Roku link code. So, there is no need to waste time anymore by experimenting on your own, rather come to us or call us at the given helpline number and get first-hand experience of how our experts work to troubleshoot your issues.