Insider Tips for Renting a Room in Manhattan


Living in Manhattan is a dream for many, but finding rooms for rent in Manhattan can be a nightmare. People find it difficult to find leads to rooms, sometimes even cheated by property dealers. Below are some insider tips for renting rooms in Manhattan to make your life easier. However, renting has some benefits. Living costs can be reduced and money saved. But living in a rental home carefree is possible when you do all the right things before finalizing a place. Before renting, there are many things to consider, like having proper paperwork, security, neighbourhood, etc.

1History of Manhattan

Located in the heart of New York City, Manhattan is the city of dreams and the city’s most populous neighbourhood. Manhattan can be considered the city’s most important area, where all economic and administrative centres are present. It’s also incredibly significant in terms of culture and history. Lower, Midtown and Upper Manhattan are the three sections of Manhattan. As the world’s cultural, entertainment, and financial centre, Manhattan is an obvious choice. UN headquarters, Wall Street, the World Trade Centre, and many important buildings. The cost of property in Manhattan is among the highest in the world. Finding suitable rooms for rent in Manhattan  can be overwhelming for folks moving in the city for the first time.

2Areas to consider

 Manhattan has both luxury and regular living scoops. While you must keep in mind, the rent will always be higher than in other places in the US.

 The following is a list of the top five neighbourhoods in Manhattan to live in:

  • Upper East Side – One of the most expensive areas globally, celebrities, models, and business people worldwide live there. This neighbourhood is also referred to as the “Gold Coast”.
  • SoHo – This is the cultural hub of New York; there are many shops and Broadway in this area.
  • Chelsea – This area is for people with a creative hat. Many art galleries and museums are located here.
  • Harlem – the largest area in Manhattan and is a decent place to live for everyone. There has been a history of many crimes here, but nothing happens now, and it is a safe place to live.

3Things to Consider During Renting

  • Security of the building: It is imperative to ensure no criminal history. Also, check if all the security systems are proper for the building and the flat.
  • Neighbourhood: Depending on one personality, they should consider the area they will be living in Manhattan. Also, check the crowd living in the area and the crime rate before moving in. 
  • Public transport options: Usually, in New York, everyone uses the Subway. Make sure you check the Subway connectivity and other public transport options.
  • Basic shopping options: Shops like Chemist, groceries, etc., should be present to make life easier.
  • The average rent of the area: Check the average rent of the space you are looking at, as there is no point in wasting time in the neighbourhoods where your budget is not matching. 
  • Accurate Paperwork: Check all the papers and identity proofs of the lessee before finalizing rooms for rent in Manhattan.

How to negotiate for the best deal

  • Educate yourself on the average rate of the area
  • Check with multiple property dealers before finalizing
  • Take to the owner or lessee politely so that they understand your budget

Rooms for rent in Manhattan can be found here.

  • Online: There are several websites to find rooms for rent in Manhattan. Images and pricing can be compared; some even offer a virtual tour.
  • Offline
  • Property Dealer: If you know any dealer or lessee, you can speak to them; they will take charge of you and support you until you have found the right property to rent. They will even help you to finalize the paperwork.
  • Direct Walk-In: You can also walk around the neighbourhood you choose and talk to the apartments and houses to see if there are any empty houses around the area.

It’s hard to conceive what it would be like to live in such a place. Try to get the most outstanding deal you can. Once you have found your comfort location, Manhattan is the best place to live.