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Despite staying miles away from loved ones, the fast-paced technology has enabled people to send more gifts everyday to India. Thus has come up with the concept of same day delivery. The loved ones are able to receive gifts and the attached emotions within a few hours of the order. Any perishable item can also be sent in no time.

India, 23/11/2020: Same day delivery service is indeed a good news for all those who stay abroad. There are occasions when there is a lack of time, for which you are unable to plan anything in advance. The hectic schedule of a student, employee, and others make it difficult to do so. They are only left with an option to purchase and send gifts at the very last moment. In order to help such people, the portal has come up with the concept of same day gift delivery in India.

GiftstoIndia24x7 knows the value of emotions and celebrations with loved ones. Since it is all about delivering emotions, the portal has come up with the concept of same day delivery in India has proved to be helpful to many. Despite their preoccupied schedules, they have still managed to surprise their loved ones in India with the last minute gifting.   

Same day delivery of gifts is advantageous over the other forms of delivery. It is better to send gifts at the last moment than not sending anything at all. Birthdays are one such occasion. There are days when you might forget to plan anything in advance. You might even forget doing birthday shopping for your loved one. In such a case, the portal allows you to send online birthday gifts to India. The portal provides delivery within three hours of ordering in major metropolitan cities.

You can never foresee any mishap befalling your loved one. This is another reason how same day delivery can come in handy. GIftstoIndia24x7 has an exquisite collection of premium floral arrangements. Such gifts will uplift the mood, hence making the loved one feel better.

The concept of sending a gift to India same day delivery by the portal has only been made possible due to the wide delivery network. The portal delivers gifts to nearly 1500+ locations across India.  The portal adds to the experience of sending presents by wrapping them in premium materials.


Established in 1999, GiftstoIndia24x7 is India’s premier gifting platform especially curated for the gifting needs of non-residential Indians. The e-commerce portal offers its users about 20,000 gift options for multiple occasions along with same-day delivery and mid-night delivery options. The e-commerce platform has the largest distribution network and delivers to 1500+ locations in India. The platform boasts of a 24×7 customer service support which gives customers across the globe a personalized gifting experience, making them feel more connected with their family and friends back home.