PEMF and Its Effect on Neuropathy


Neuropathy is concerned with the pathology of the nerves present in the nervous system. When the nerves get affected due to a given cause, the person may experience symptoms such as numbing, tingling, and frequent disturbance in the system. Among other treatment methods, many innovative technologies are developing to open up pathways for preventing and treating Neuropathy. PEMF is one of them. In this article, we will discuss everything related to Neuropathy and how it works, and which therapy is the best to resolve this issue. Continue reading to find all the necessary information. 

1What Is Neuropathy?

Neuropathy refers to the disease of the nervous system, where nerves are damaged due to inflammation, external trauma, or any other cause. It is characterized by certain conditions such as numbing, tingling, and dizziness happening in the body that can make a person unable to perform daily activities smoothly. For example, people with diabetes face certain neurological symptoms considered diabetic Neuropathy. Extreme tingling sensation and numbness are common indicators of diabetic Neuropathy.

Similarly, external trauma on the back of the head can damage the nerves of the body, which can interfere with the normal functioning of the body. A person facing such symptoms needs medical and complementary help in this regard.

What’s more, according to different studies, Neuropathy is caused by diabetes and has a bad effect on overall health. However, some cases of Neuropathy are treatable, but for some, there is no treatment available. Apart from that, it is estimated that almost 25% of people are affected by Neuropathy each year. 

2How Can PEMF Help in Neuropathy? 

PEMF is concerned with sending pulsating electrical waves in the body. It means any disturbance going on in the nerves can be addressed with the help of such technology. The waves of a certain frequency are sent to the body as a force to provide the potential needed by the nerves to function normally. What’s more, it improves blood circulation in the body. Let’s see how improved blood circulation in the body helps with neurological conditions.

Furthermore, in Neuropathy, pain is a common symptom that may be caused by an accumulation of toxins in the neuronal cells of the body. PEMF helps to increase blood circulation in the individual using it. That means they get an increased supply of oxygen and nutrients in their nerve cells. As a result, they get improved flushing out of toxins from the body that way. As a person undergoes PEMF pulsating technique regularly, they get an improvement in terms of pain management. Therefore, we can say that PEMF helps in the overall management of pain and conduction in patients with Neuropathy of any origin. Therefore, we can say that PEMF overall is the best treatment for Neuropathy. Also, it relaxes your muscles which is also a very good thing.

3Get PEMF for Better Pain Management 

You can avail new technologies in PEMF to improve your symptoms of Neuropathy. Sunbeam mattress pad, for example, helps to tackle the symptoms of the disease by providing an overall soothing feel to your nerves, enabling you to feel better, and providing relief against tingling, numbness, pain, and irritation. For better results, it is always better to use PEMF mats regularly to make you feel better as time passes. For more information, you can refer to a professional in the field.

Final Word

Patients having Neuropathy often face problems such as tingling, numbness, pain, and irritation. These symptoms can be managed and alleviated with the help of a doctor. Also, you can take assistance from complementary facilities in which the PEMF is the best option. It comes with no side effects.