Must Read Romantic Books in February 2022


The most beautiful month of the year is February. It is the time to show your love, celebrate you loved ones’ existence in your life, and make them feel special. Loving someone is sometimes strange but often a beautiful feeling that is cherished by us.

Who says words can’t express your emotions? Well, in this article, you will be finding the best romantic books you must read in February 2022. If you too are interested in the romantic genre, then you are at the right place. Let’s take a deep dive into the ocean of love through these amazing pieces of writing.

1How To Make Anyone Like You

Do you want to be a centre of attraction? 

Do you want to attract someone you like wholeheartedly?
Well then, How To Make Anyone Like You is a must-read for you. The book written by Leil Lowndes is worth reading. This will help you stand out among the masses and will help you in becoming the heartthrob. How To Make Anyone Like You is the true reflection of human behaviour. It consists of several smart and intelligent pieces of advice for winning the conversation, correcting your body language while meeting new people, and understanding the gestures of friendship.

So, readers, it’s time to get out of your shell. Let’s face the world confidently and enthusiastically. Show your true identity to the world and win their hearts.

2Love Letters From Golok: A Tantric Couple in Modern Tibet

Love Letters From Golok: A Tantric Couple in Modern Tibet is based on the legends of the Buddhist tantric masters, known as Tare Lhamo and Namtrul Rinpoche. They have tried to keep their culture alive through their words. Love Letters from Golok: A Tantric Couple in Modern Tibet is the way to preserve their identity and their traditions. It is the beautiful fusion of tantric imagery with poetic folk songs that surely is a treat for the readers.

3Love Rules

Love Rules by Joanna Coles is an amazing book. The author has created a path for her readers to find their love easily through her ideas. Just like food is necessary for our survival, similarly love is important for your life. Through her writings, she has given several important tips; following them can create miracles in your love life.

This modern generation has created complexities, as you date people online but still can’t fill the empty space in your relationship that is created by the virtual screen. Sometimes, this creates problems, and your relationship suffers. Through this book, the author has tried to give advice that will help you in keeping your relationship fresh and alive.

She has also tried to say that finding your perfect soulmate isn’t that difficult. You just need to understand your ultimate goal: how far do you want to go ahead with your relationship? What are all your expectations?

The idea is to set an ideal weight for your relationship. This is one of the first and foremost tips for anyone. For being successful in finding your love, you should not be just dependent upon dating apps. Rather, try to meet them in person, understand them, and put effort into building a healthy relationship. Coles has tried to grab the attention of the readers with such advice and experiences. Reading Love Rules is really worth it.

4Love Story # 1 To 14

Annie Zaidi has beautifully portrayed the characters in Love Story # 1 To 14. She has given a shape to the word ‘’Love’’, which does not have real existence but is a part of our real world. It has different meanings in each of our lives. The book comprises fourteen different love stories, which has successfully kept the readers engaged with the book. The book is written and designed in a unique way, as you won’t find story 1 at first. Surprisingly, it is started with story 14.

Love Story # 1 To 14 has the story of a woman who fell in love with the voice of a man she has never met in reality; it has the story of a woman who dearly loves her husband and many others too.

So, you will surely fall in love with this book after getting acquainted with the lovers of each story.

5A Plane Story

Written by Anmol Malik, A Plane Story of two strangers who met each other during a flight. The story revolves around two characters, Dev and Tara, who met the first time while traveling for the wedding. The interesting part of the story is that both of their exes were getting tied in a knot, and they were invited to the wedding. A Plane Story has a lot of twists and turns that will surely entertain the readers.


February is the month of love; it is the time of the year when you can pick up a romantic fiction (or non-fiction) without an inch of doubt. Hopefully, this article gave you good suggestions on which books you can read this February. Go read these books; you are surely going to like them!