Improve Your Smile with A Cosmetics Smile Makeover

There are so many methods, procedures, or tricks to try to get your smile looking its best but they are either temporary, don’t work at all, or are hellishly expensive and we just don’t have the budget to accommodate it right now. So what do you do? Not smile till you can afford it, learn to smile with your mouth closed, or is there a silver lining to this dilemma? Thankfully, yes, and it is easier to achieve that picture-perfect smile you have been looking for all along.

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Now you may be skeptical like so many people are when the topic of dentistry is brought up and even more so cosmetic dentistry which to some is considered a luxury, but you do have options.


Sure braces or retainers might help but who has the time to wait for teeth to decide to move or be in pain longer than we would like. You could opt for extractions or filing down of existing teeth and replacing them with artificial crowns but that is not only expensive but more work than needs doing, no, you need veneers.

So what are veneers? In simple terms, it is a thin layer of porcelain that is bonded to the existing tooth to create uniformity, cover any chips and stains, and offer a more pleasing appearance to your smile in general.

Immediately you must be thinking that the cost of porcelain veneers is way out of your budget or even comfort zone, but this is not true and doesn’t have to be. Dental clinics understand the need for people to essentially feel accepted, to ‘fit in,’ and to help them feel self-confident and veneers are the way forward. 

They not only increase self-esteem but could aesthetically and significantly improve your smile, the carefree version you used to wear as a child with not a worry in the world and certainly not weighed down by life’s bills and deadlines, am I right? There are so many positives to veneers it is hard to think we have waited this long to consider them, let’s take a look at what some of those are and you will see so many appealing features that fit your life and personality more than you realized.

Feeling your best.

Veneers can give you the look you have always wanted, but there is so much more to it than that. Too often when we try to compare ourselves to images we see on social media platforms the bar seems impossibly high, and most of the time those images have been edited or enhanced to make them more appealing. But you can have the real version for yourself and walk confidently unedited, life is short, you deserve to enjoy it.

Now, looking at the top 5 points customers who had a smile makeover commented on we can see the benefits and drastic changes a humble smile has to offer. 

  • White. Color can be everything in a smile. You may not enjoy seeing your teeth looking yellowish or discolored due to coffee or wine and veneers immediately transform this with its natural reflecting light which bounces off of the tooth enamel. We all want those pearly whites we see in magazines on models or TV.
  • Stain-resistant. Like with all ceramics and porcelain most stain-producing products are easily wiped off, the same goes for veneers. Made up of the same material your teeth will not only resist the pigmentations of everyday foods and drinks but will remain white for years’ even decades. Win-win. 

If you are not yet in the market for veneers but are saving up for them you can begin making changes to your diet to slow down and eliminate further tooth staining until you go for your perfect-smile cosmetic dentistry. Look here for advice on which foods are most common when it comes to staining and pigments, and if you can swap them out for something else then you are halfway there.

  • Longevity. Unlike the composite of natural teeth, veneers can essentially stand the test of time. They won’t chip or break (unless you plan on opening bottle caps with your teeth – not advised) and will look just as good as when you first had them done.
  • Instant. This was a highly popular comment and question and the answer is yes, the results are effectively instant. It will take perhaps one or two appointments and then you are good to go, your smile will be what you want straight away and the good thing is you can begin to eat and drink normally right after unlike traditional procedures that require a healing period. 
  • Repairs. Veneers are not only great for achieving that Hollywood smile with a new set of teeth but they can be used to fill in gaps, mend chipped teeth and make them essentially ‘whole’ again.

Rounding it up.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours to make, plenty of people have raved about them (see this link for one such success story) and have gained the confidence they have always wanted. Their only negative point dental clients have mentioned is that they wished they had found this option sooner rather than later in their lives, and more clinics should make themselves available for this. 

A new set of veneers can change your life forever and for the better and if you have the opportunity to get them done then go for it. Life is too short to be constantly worried about how you look in photos, what are people looking at when you talk to them or trying to make a good impression for a job interview. 

Technology has advanced in such a way that a simple thin layer of porcelain applied to your teeth can be transformational. Dentists have long surpassed the stigma of being scary, painful, or temporary, there is a solution for you and veneers is the way forward. Be the best version of yourself you want to be.

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