IIT Roorkee Managed to Maintain its Reputation as one of the Best Tech Institutions


IIT Roorkee has successfully made its place among the top IITs of India. Since the past few years, the institution has been the choice of several meritorious students who qualify Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering for admission to its M.Tech courses.

Situated in the lush, green valleys of Uttarakhand, the institution provides all the necessary resourcesapart from academics. IIT Roorkee has always been careful to ensure its cultural aspects and that the students receive quality education. Due to its quality infrastructure, amazing faculties and other facilities, IIT Roorkee has successfully maintained its reputation as one of the brilliant IITs in terms of several factors such as the domain of research, faculty acknowledgments as well as the placement sector.


Several reputed companies visited IIT Roorkee and recruited more than 500 students pursuing UG and PG programs. Apart from the PSU organizations such as ONGC, C-DOT, IOCL, ISRO, more than 37 start-ups provided job opportunities to the students. More than 843 job offers were provided to the candidates, among which 13 offers were made by Microsoft,Mercari and Webstaff Co. Ltd. Almost 502 PG and 824 UG students registered for placements, while 630 offers were made for the UG students and 212 for those in PG.

The Rising Sector of Innovations

According to resources, IIT Roorkee has been playing a pivotal role in the advent of innovations. This is why a large number of its faculties as well as the students, have been engaged in various active research work in various domains. It is obvious that these research works are so elite in their content that they get easily published in the top national as well as international journals.

The highlight of the research work carried out by the subjects of IIT Roorkee is that they tend to focus on the grass-roots level issues of our country and put in all their efforts to make out a sustainable solution towards the problem. This is one of the major reason why their work is appreciated to such an extent.

For example, if we consider the path-breaking discovery of the medicine for Chikungunya which was being conducted by Prof. ShaillyTomar and Prof. RanjanaPathania, it can be concluded that these brilliant faculties from the Department of Biotechnology had put forward all their knowledge and ideas to manufacture this drug and also to help the process of reverse drug resistance.

On the other hand, two professors namely Prof. Davinder Kaur and Prof. K.L Yadav developed a low-cost solution for Osteoarthritis which is one of the most eminent problems in this era. Apart from this, there were other noteworthy innovations carried out in IIT Roorkee, including the development of the smart grid project by Prof. N.K Padhy and Prof. E Rajasekar, the infamous early earthquake warning system which was triggered by Prof. M.L Sharma.

The low-cost Jamun solar cells were developed by the team of Prof. SoumitraSatapathi, which is an eminent name in the department of Physics. Similarly, Prof. Z Ahmad was responsible for the development of the Morphological study of the rivers Ganga, Rapti as well as Sharda respectively. The above-cited examples are a clear notification of the fact that the research cell of IIT Roorkee is extremely active in their efforts to construct something feasible.

Awards and Achievements

IIT Roorkee developed feasible partnerships with institutions from various countries such as France, Russia, Belarus, Mexico, Canada, the UK, Korea as well as Germany for the purpose of major international projects and around 38 projects with a funding of more than 50lakhs were granted. IIT Roorkee received several awards and felicitations which were triggered by its students and the faculties. The achievements can be properly segmented in the following manner:

Achievements by Students

Raja Jain and Nimisha Gupta brilliantly conceived the idea of developing a low-cost air cooling solution which was named as Eva Cool, the innovation that won the Go Green in the City 2017. Apart from this, a group of students,AnishaGodha, EkdeepLubana, Ankit Bagaria andUtkarshSaxena won the first prize, worth 25,000 Euros at the Ericsson Innovation Awards 2017, which took place in the Nobel Museum of Stockholm, Sweden.

On the other hand,Renju K Kokkattu and Rohit Joshi achieved victory in the B-Plan competition of the Droom’s merchandise. Another team of IIT Roorkee was successful in the development of an app calledSNAP which involves a precision agriculture technology, based on the principles of the hyper-spectral imaging of the leaves of the crops which help determine the perfect inputs of fertilizers for that variety of crop. 

Achievements by Faculties

Prof. Surender Singh, Prof. Praveen Kumar, Prof. G.D Ransinchung and Prof. ManoranjanParida received the IRC National award for Road research. Several professors were selected for various felicitations. For example, Sidharth Arora a Ph.D. scholar from the Department of Biotechnology was provided with the Biotechnology Ignition Grant(BIG) from the BIRAC due to his eminent work in the project which focuses on the development of thermo-tolerant as well as acid-basedPhytase in a novel solid-state fermentation bio-reactor. Prof. Kaustav Chatterjee from the Department of Civil Engineering was selected for the John Carter award 2017 for his research work in the field of Geomechanics.

With a splendid list of achievements in various fields, IIT Roorkee is indeed one of the best choices for pursuing academics and due to its academics-oriented environment, the students are subjected to perform well by default.