Top 5 Best Refrigerators under Rs. 15,000

Refrigerators under Rs. 15,000 can be called budget refrigerators and are probable to be used by bachelors. We have kept that in mind, and we have also included refrigerators which could easily cover the needs of a small family. This is one of the popular price segments in the small family and sharing bachelors’ scenario. These refrigerators have a pretty good capacity and also do not consume a lot of power which makes it all the more attractive. If you are looking for more options, you may want to check out the Top 10 Best Refrigerators under 15000 by Review Station.

Godrej 185 Litres Muziplay

Price: Rs.13,490
If you are looking for refrigerators below Rs. 15,000 it is best advised to go for single door refrigerators to ensure value for your money. Godrej is a very big name when it comes to the companies that have made a mark in the cooling sector. With an 185 litres capacity, this refrigerator from Godrej is packed with features like the Anti-Bacterial Gasket and the deodorizer option in the freezer. This 4 star rated refrigerator also has features like Aroma Lock, Silver Ion technology and also allows you to listen to and enjoy your time in the kitchen with the muziplay feature.

Samsung RR19J2414SA/TL

Price: Rs.13,254
This 180 L refrigerator from Samsung has been rated four stars on the basis of power consumption. This is one of the most popular refrigerators in this price segment and is definitely worth the demand in the market. The freezer alone of this single door refrigerator has a capacity of 25.1L. This refrigerator like most modern refrigerators does not demand the need for a stabilizer and has various features including Anti-Fungal door with a removable gasket. The fridge has five door bins a drawer and two shelves to accommodate all the stuff you need in the 166.9L of storage space.

Haier 2157 BS-R

Price: Rs. 14,000
The 195L refrigerator from Haier is probably the most advanced refrigerator in this price segment with a beautiful metallic design that combines with the amazing features of this single door device. With a total capacity of 195L and a 5-star power consumption rating, the device is more than worth for the money they ask for. Weighing only 20.5 kg it has 19 litres of freezer capacity and has multiple shelves. Direct cool technology is used for defrosting.


Price: Rs. 12,890
LG is yet another electronic giant who plays a major role in the cooling segment among many others. LG produces various refrigerators that are popular in the market in various price sectors. This is the best device from LG in this price sector with 185 litres of capacity including multiple shelves. Like most devices in this sector, the refrigerator uses direct cooling technology for the defrosting system. Multiple features like power cut ever cool, moisture control and moist balance crisper are available which makes the device all the more attractive.


Price: Rs.14,890
This one is another masterstroke from LG. A little costlier than the device mentioned above but fairly so as it has a 5-star rating and 190 Litres capacity which makes it all the better among various other technologies present in the above-mentioned device.

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