How To Make An Essay Dissertation Longer – 5 Tips And Tricks


According to the OECD, the number of world students will reach 8 million by 2025. This is prominent data to understand the increasing competition in the education world.

You will find confidence when you have fewer competitors to face, but when the competition is high, you might not get enough confidence to deal with the hardship. 

However, we cannot change things but face this extensive competition in contemporary education. However, writing an essay dissertation is cumbersome for many students. 

So don’t worry!

You are not alone in this mess. 

Considering the upcoming assignments, students get overwhelmed with their essay writing approach, which is very difficult.

The only advice here is to stay and concentrate on your writing process. But writing a long essay is not as easy as we are presenting it here as it becomes a dissertation. You need proper writing skills and your own insights to make your essay longer.

1Ways To Make Your Essay Paper Broad

Students face severe issues with increasing the word count of their essay papers after a certain point. But writing an essay is not writing a school story that you can complete in shorts.

Here you will need to land in the field with different approaches. Well, there are some prominent tricks that you can follow to broaden your essay paper this time. 

Proper Research

Extensive research is key to ensure the fact that you have enough information to include in a broad paper. If you want to make it large, you will need the resources. 

It’s time to think wisely and make something different and impress your instructor. So, when you get the essay topic, make sure that you have invested enough time in researching your essay topic. The more you research, the better you get information and insight about the subject matter.

Go For More Headings

Often we see students go for a lesser number of holdings to avoid including more information. But only stretching your existing healing will not help on a board paper. In turn, it can be a vague research paper.

With more headings, you will be able to find new instances to increase the word count and also make the whole paper worthy enough to read. There is a common distribution of headings for any essay paper. 

  • Introduction.
  • Thesis statement.
  • Discussion.
  • Conclusion.

But you can stretch it by including enough subheadings in between the main heading and especially in the discussion part. 

Go For Examples, Not Just Core Information.

Only including information might not work this time with a long essay process. You might not find enough information for every topic. Some topics are uncommon, and you might not find much pre-existing information regarding those. 

In such a situation, you need to stretch things properly with efficient examples. Here your personal insight on the subject matter may help better. Follow a rhythm and ensure that you include examples for every piece of information. 

Use Quotations

Using quotations is an old trick, but you need to use it wisely. Do not go for many quotations but follow a sample paper from to get an idea. 

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Use Transitional Phrases

Using transitional words might help you increase your word count by 200-300 words. You can also go for transitional sentences to ensure a simple trick to deal with a broader essay dissertation paper.

It is also a prominent way to save your essay paper from being boring. The readers might find it boring when they do not find any transitional sentence to make the writing interesting.