How to Decorate Your Side Table Without Stuffing?


Are you looking for unique ideas to decorate your home? A side table can be beneficial for you. Side tables are usually placed beside the sofa; they’re mainly used as a resting place for books or magazines that you might read later or any coffee mug sitting by your side when you need it. 

The following article will explain what a side table is, why you need it, and unique ideas to decorate your small table.

1What is a Side Table?

According to reports, the wooden furniture market size crossed $370 billion in 2020.

The side table is a small, usually round-top table placed near a chair or sofa. It is generally used as a resting place for books, coffee mugs, and cups. In some cases, they’re also used to display decorative objects like potpourri dishes, miniature paintings, or wall plaques.

It can be beneficial in your home decoration.

2Why Do You Need A Side Table? 

Here are reasons to own a table:

3They Are a Decorative Element

A side table, as a piece of furniture, can be handy in your home. However, it is also an element of decoration. It offers you the ability to represent yourself through how you choose to decorate it.

A table can hold several decorative objects like lovely flower pots or cute candle holders, which provide light and scents for your space.

4You Can Organize Your Room with Side Tables

Side tables are practical, versatile, and very useful. They can hold several decoration objects and provide additional storage space for books, remote controls, or anything you want to put on them. If they have drawers, their use becomes even better since you can store small objects in every drawer of your table, giving your room a more organized look and feel.

5You Can Express Yourself with Tables

As mentioned above, tables can be handy and practical furniture, but they’re also used as decorative elements in the house. They allow you to express yourself through them: by choosing their colors, shapes, or decorations.

6You Can Add Them to Your Living Room

Tables can be used in any part of your house. If you choose the right table for your living room, you’ll have a unique decoration element that can set the tone for the whole space. You can select different sizes and shapes made of other materials to suit any style or requirement.

7Ideas to Decorate Your Table

Tables are handy, but they can also be the perfect place to show off your taste. 

The following ideas would help you get started with decorating your table. They can be used in almost any living room or home space, whether traditional or contemporary.

8Use Your Table to Hold Artwork

A table can hold artworks like paintings, plaques of favorite quotations, and more. It’s a straightforward but also effective way to decorate your table.

9Use Your Tablet as a Plant Holder

A table can be turned into an adorable plant holder. You can choose different heights to fit in the space you’ve got, but you can use this idea in every type of room, whether modern or traditional.

10Place Your Table Near a Fireplace

Place your table near the fireplace to use it as a mantel. You can decorate it with different items such as candles or flower pots and position it in a way that lets you enjoy its beauty while sitting on your fireplace easily. This idea will make you feel very cozy during the winter months.

11Place Your Table in Front of a Window or Between Two Armchairs

If you place your table near the window, it can become the perfect spot to decorate with different items. For example, you could use it as an even more decorative element by placing it between two armchairs.

12Use Different Tables in Different Spaces

Depending on their size and shape, you can even use different tables in different rooms. For example, you can keep your tiny bedside table near the bed but move your giant table to the living room.

13Use One Table through Different Rooms

If you like a distinct style or color of the table, you should consider using it in different rooms. For example, if you love your table because it’s made of wood and has a very rustic feel, we recommend you to use it in all the spaces of the house that match its taste.

14Decorate Them with Different Things

You can also decorate your tables with different decorations like picture frames, vases, candles, and more.

15Keep Your Table Looking Clean

If you want your side table to look clean always, decorate it with items the same color as its marbles or wooden material. This way, you won’t have to dust it very often since you won’t have anything contrasting on it.