How to Benefit from XRP Savings Account


Individuals and investors keen on earning some passive income are increasingly considering crypto savings accounts because conventional savings accounts no longer pay acceptable interest rates. One such crypto savings account is the XRP savings account. If you are holding XRP digital coins, you could deposit them into an XRP savings account operated by one of the leading platforms such as YouHodler and earn Ripple interest. This way, you get free Ripple and can grow your wealth because you can then sell the free coins earned for cash or convert them to other digital currencies.

1Reaping from your XRP savings

Instead of simply holding your Ripple and not getting any return from it, you can look for a crypto exchange that offers the best XRP interest rate and open an XRP Savings account with them. As you grow your XRP savings, you will get paid interest at the end of each payment period.

Luckily, you do not have to struggle to find the best platform to open a Ripple savings account because YouHodler is one of the best exchanges. It would be best if you set up an XRP interest wallet on YouHodler, deposited your Ripple coins there, and started earning interest at the end of the interest calculation period, which is often weekly.

In addition, you can enjoy an easy experience and great convenience when you download the YouHodler wallet app, which is the only app that allows you to store your XRP like in a regular crypto wallet. You earn interest on your ripple balance weekly.

2Why chose YouHodler as the platform for your ripple savings account

Perhaps you may be wondering which is the best platform on which you can save your XRP so those who need loans can borrow XRP, and you get paid interest. The good news is that you can count on YouHodler to open XRP savings account because it is a premiere XRP interest-earning platform which prioritizes customers’ satisfaction and convenience.

Below are some of the best features of the XRP savings account on YouHodler:

Minimum fees on withdrawals: YouHodler respects the fact that your deposits are your assets, and you should be allowed to access them without penalties and at minimal charges, thus they charge almost nil fees.

Low minimum amount to start earning: Some platforms require you to deposit relatively high amounts to earn interest on your XRP savings. However, YouHodler allows you to start earning from a Ripple as low as $100 at the market price.

Round the clock access to your assets: you can access your funds 24/7 through your YouHodler wallet if you deposit them. This is better than traditional banks and other institutions that limit access to only during working hours.

Chance to earn higher interest with Turbocharge and MultiHODL: You could enjoy higher interest rates when you use YouHodler by choosing the Multi HODL and Turbocharge features.


Although XRP is among the most popular digital coins, it is volatile and this could see you lose your funds if prices fall below your buying price. Luckily, XRP savings accounts allow you to get Ripple interest with fewer risks. When you use the best platforms like YouHodler, you get a chance to increase your wealth through various features and products, including loans.

Don’t let your XRP sit idle without generating any interest. Open an XRP savings account with a reliable crypto exchange and get free Ripple as interest on your deposits.