Best Tips to Enjoy Your Stay in an Independent Student Accommodation


If you are a student, the first thing that comes to your mind is getting a university degree. This is a common ambition of most students who aim at securing certification for brighter future prospects. As a result of this, many students spend a significant part of their life living in independent student accommodation as their home for the next few years.

If you are one of them, you may be overwhelmed by this new responsibility, but do not fret! Here are some tips for surviving student housing and what you must do to enjoy your stay in independent student accommodation.

1Decide Whether You Want a Shared or Private Room

Before moving into your student accommodation, think about which category of rooms suits you the best, shared or private room. It is essential to define how much responsibility you will have in keeping the accommodation clean and tidy.

If you like to have your own space and do not want others to disturb you, a private room is ideal. However, if you do not mind sharing a room with others and are more sociable, then a shared room would be better for you.

2Get To Know Your Neighbours

According to reports, on average, almost 90 to 100 per cent of students in Australia live outside the campus.

One of the best parts about staying in student accommodation is that you get to meet new people from all over the world. So, you must make sure you get to know your immediate neighbours and even those who live further away.

In this way, you can create new friendships and have someone to talk to when you feel homesick. You can join in for some activities and events, and use them as an opportunity to socialise and get to know the people around you. 

Most student accommodation providers organise social events, such as movie nights and barbecues, for their residents. So, it would be good to take advantage of these opportunities and meet new people and learn more about new cultures. 

It will bring about a feeling of togetherness, and you will be happy to have familiar faces around you. If you’d like, you can even host an event with a few people yourself, such as  inviting your neighbours for a game of cards or an outing in the park.

3Keep Your Pantry Stocked Well

Keeping your pantry adequately stocked is very important because you do not want to go grocery shopping every other day. You must make a list of the groceries you will need for the week and stick to it.

Since you will be living in independent student accommodation, it is one of the essential tips for surviving successfully in student housing. 

You will need to learn how to cook for yourself. It means stocking up your pantry with all the essentials. You must ensure you have items such as pasta, rice, bread, milk, eggs, and vegetables so that you can cook a variety of food. You can also watch some Youtube videos to learn easy-to-cook recipes as well. 

4Be Organised

One of the common ways to make the most of your stay in independent student accommodation is to be organised. It means keeping your room clean and tidy, setting aside time for studying and completing all your assignments on time.

If you are organised, it will be easier to manage your time and responsibilities.

5Make Your Study Space Comfortable

Since studying is a significant part of your day, you must make the most out of your dedicated study space by keeping it organised and comfortable.

For instance, if you want to concentrate on your studies better, having a quiet study area is necessary. Organise your study space and set up a desk with all necessary items, such as books, stationery, and laptops. It is also wise to look for an independent accommodation or a hostel that allows its residents the space to do things that are important to them, like a congenial environment for studying in the case of students.

As a student, it is also essential to stay active, so make sure you take advantage of your student accommodation’s facilities to keep yourself physically active and fit. Keep track of your meals and eat healthy food. Try to avoid eating too much outside food. It might be tempting, but it will eventually eat into your budget, leaving you with little to no money for other essentials.

These are a few things you must do to enjoy your stay in independent student accommodation. So, follow these tips and make the most out of your new experience.