What is the Best Exchange to Cash Out Bitcoin?


Crypto investors want to use the best exchanges when cashing out their Bitcoin. Converting digital currencies into fiat money presents a number of challenges as some exchanges charge seemingly exorbitant fees.

When exchanges apply strict withdrawal limits with relatively high fees, cashing out your Bitcoin can come at a loss. There have been several examples of customers who ended up getting stuck with fraudulent exchanges with no way to withdraw their funds.

You should consider many factors when choosing a crypto exchange to convert your Bitcoin to cash. Carefully check all the fees and take them into account, along with withdrawal limits and whether the Bitcoin platform is trustworthy in the first place.

Here are the best exchanges to cash out BTC


Want to buy, sell, swap, and cash out your crypto at low fees? Consider using the premier crypto cashpoint broker in Turkey, NakitCoins. With NakitCoins, it’s possible to trade crypto money in cash securely with almost no limits.

The fully decentralized Turkish online crypto exchange is ideal for people who are looking for a faster means to convert their coins and allows diverse funding options. You can exchange Bitcoin here on NakitCoins.


Bitstamp is another leading crypto-to-fiat cash-out exchange that boasts zero withdrawal limits. Having been in existence over the last decade, Bitstamp’s cash-out exchange is reliable and popular among crypto nerds. It is the best place to cash out Bitcoin with freedom; make large, stress-free volume withdrawals free. Whether you want to withdraw thousands in crypto for cash or even greater, the limits are up to you.

Bitstamp is also recommended for low-volume traders making small withdrawals; minimum fees are applied here. For example, it wouldn’t cost a user more than $10 to cash out $100 worth of crypto via SEPA transfer.


Kraken’s crypto website is another convenient option for crypto conversion into fiat money. The exchange has high withdrawal limits and customers are categorized into four different tiers (ranging from 0 to 4), which determines their withdrawal limits. After submitting their documents for verification, users can access higher tiers.

Tier 0 is applied at the initial stage when you finish creating your account, and this has no capabilities. Completing Tier 1 and 2 verification requires providing a few basic details while tier 3 is you need to formally submit your documents. You qualify for a daily and monthly withdrawal limit of $2,500 and $10,000 respectively, if you finish tier 2 verification. For the most part, tier-4 customers are high net-worth individuals or corporate entities.


Established in 2017 to create room for altcoin trading, Binance now has more than 100 different crypto trading pairs. As we speak today, Binance is a market leader in the world’s crypto industry, recording some of the highest daily trades. Make U.S. dollar deposits on Binance via SWIFT and buy a host of cryptocurrencies with your credit card. Binance is an awesome service except that many users have been complaining about their high withdrawal fees.