Health Is Wealth – How Technology Can Help To Monitor Your Health?


Taking care of your health from day one is essential to make sure that you have a productive, long life. While following a balanced diet and making sure that you are active every day seems like a simple enough plan, it is not exactly that easy. People tend to require a little bit of encouragement to stay on the healthy track and of late, technology is of great help. There are several different kinds of health gadgets designed to monitor your progress and enhance your health. From heart health to gut health, there is a gadget for everything these days. With health and technology working together, you have no choice but to lead a healthy and long life with your loved ones. Let’s take a look at some of the popular health gadgets available today:

Overall Health Monitor

In order to stay ahead of the curve, you need to understand how your lifestyle choices influence your health. With prevention being better than cure, it makes sense to stick with preventing illnesses and ailments, especially chronic ailments that can be only managed with medication. A preventive health device involves running a DNA test at home. This often involves spitting into a tube and sending your saliva to be tested for hereditary diseases, food intolerance risks, vitamin metabolism, and other health risks. These tests tell you what is in your genetic code. You can use this information to make choices that will help reduce yours from developing these predicted illnesses or ailments.

Heart Health Monitor

The heart ensure that your cells have access to oxygen and nutrients so that you have enough energy for your daily tasks and activities. Monitoring your heart rate will give you an idea about the baseline of your heart function. It gives you information about your blood pressure and heartbeats per minute. There are several smartwatches in the market today that can monitor your heart beats and gives you a warning if it detects any changes. This is especially useful if you have a diagnosed cardio problem.

Gut Health Monitor

Besides monitoring the main concerns like your heart or blood sugar, it is also crucial to keep an eye on your gut health. With over one-third of the population suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, it is essential to make sure your intestinal health is pristine. The gut health monitor often involves an at-home gut microbiome test to find out more about the bacteria present currently in your gut. Your gut is home to healthy bacteria that help with several body functions, including breaking down food to facilitate digestion. A good gut microbiome environment is essential for your health. The gut microbiome test result will offer you personalized food recommendations to optimize your health by eating the right food.

Blood Sugar Monitor

A blood sugar monitor helps keep track of your blood sugar. Studies have shown that Diabetes is one of the fastest-growing chronic diseases in the last decade. This is because people have started indulging in sugar-rich food while leading sedentary lifestyles. On top of the hectic work environment and rising stress, diabetes has become more common than ever before.

In order to make sure that your blood sugar levels are within normal levels, you need to monitor it closely. A blood sugar monitor comes with a small pricking tool that helps you prick a fingertip to get a drop of blood. The blood test monitor will reveal the sugar level in your blood drop within a few minutes. This can be incredibly helpful in keeping track of your blood sugar levels and making sure that they do not rise above the recommended level.

Body Monitoring Device

Athletes often use body monitoring devices to monitor their health regularly. The device syncs with the computer and offers in-depth and clear health reports. Smart tech has come a long way in making it possible to track your health without referring to spreadsheets, whiteboards, etc. The body monitoring device tracks your workouts, heartbeats, sleep cycle, and so on. It can come in handy in monitoring performances while preparing for a competition or challenge.

Sleep Monitoring Device

Getting eight hours of sleep every day is crucial to your overall health. The sleep monitoring device can come in handy ensuring that you get your quota of quality sleep every day. When you are in deep sleep, your body goes about repairing damaged tissues and cells. It is also during this time that your brain converts short term memories to long term memories When you sip out on your sleep, you are not giving your body a chance to recover.

This places a burden on your health in the long run. It also increases your risk of developing chronic ailments like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and so on.  Having a sleep monitoring device and finding comfort sleep inthe best mattress online from Wakefit is a great way to ensure that your sleep cycle is perfect.

At the end of the day, investing in a health monitoring device is a great step towards better health in the long run.