Google Fit wear OS Update Coming out this Week- Improvised Design and Workout Tracking Features!


India – 25 Nov 2020, The latest version of Google fit wear OS update is out with an advanced touch lock feature straight from your workout session.

Google is all set to introduce its latest range of Google fit wear OS update that is technologically more sound and advanced in all terms. Users can also check out the metrics from right at the screen top. All those who wish to buy the new Google fit wear OS update might get lucky in the upcoming week. After the latest update, the in-built app would get a renewed design that enhances the user experience and mobility. Besides, you can also gain visibility for key metrics at the time of workout sessions. 

What’s new after the Google Fit wear OS update?

Metric customization and advanced workout tracking support are the two new features launched with the Google fit wear. Reportedly, last week Google made announcements about the updates on its Google fit app for Android, ios, and OS. The tech giant is already at a global hype with its new improvements, and the latest features would attract a lot of new users globally. Recent changes rolling out this week on Google fit app can indeed be a good tech update!

Further making announcements on this news, Google updated its support page more about it. “The workout tracking on the new Google fit wear OS can ensure a “Simpler user experience” combined with a more trendy design and aesthetics.” While you are working out, the key metrics are visible on the screen in the form of two tiles dedicated to the same. This makes it convenient to swipe sideways for accessing the media controls and other settings amidst workouts. Google fit would also send alerts for every Km/mile and display the split time at a single glimpse. 

After the significant homepage revamps, it is easier to track workout performance metrics like steps, time, calories, and heart points. And you can change the sequence as per your requirement. With the latest Google fit update, you can also view the calorie count, steps, target distance, and heart point goals for every workout. 

An instant Touch lock workout option can protect you from making accidental touches or clicks. Even after that, you can get access to several vital buttons like a resume, pause, and switch screen alternatives. 

While getting the latest version of Google Fit APP wear OS, you must lookout for the availability of these latest features.