Free Skype Alternatives for Video Calls in 2020


    Skype is one of the most popular communication tools, especially for video chats. However, if it’s not right for you, there are multiple free Skype alternatives for video calls. Some don’t even require you to have an account with the service. No matter what your needs, you’ll find the perfect Skype alternative here.

    8 Free Skype Alternatives

    1Google Hangouts

    If you have a Google account, you’re able to use Google Hangouts. This is one of the most well-known free Skype alternatives. It’s available on Android, iOS, and Chrome browsers. You can talk one-on-one or in groups up to 10. You’re also able to share your desktop screen and use text messages during video chats.

    2Facebook Messenger

    Facebook Messenger isn’t just for text-based chatting and GIFs. HD video calling was introduced in 2016. All you need is a Facebook account to get started. Apps are available for iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

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    Viber is available on most platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows 10, Linux, and Mac. You’re able to video chat with groups and it’s free to contact other Viber users. There’s a fee for contacting non-Viber users, though. As with other free Skype alternatives, you’re also able to call and text for free.


    WhatsApp is a great alternative simply because you don’t need a separate account to use it. The app utilizes your phone number instead. With end-to-end encryption, your communications are secure. It’s available for Android, iOS, Windows devices, and Mac. Texting, voice calls, and group chats are also options.


    You don’t even need to download an app to use WeChat. While free apps are available for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows, there’s also a web version. This is ideal for when you’re using public devices. It’s easy to find other users by either their WeChat ID or their mobile number. Use video calls for individuals or groups. You can also call or text too.


    If you’d prefer not to download anything, Talky might be the best of the free Skype alternatives. You don’t have as many features as with other alternatives, but Talky allows you to video chat with up to 15 people. Simply create a URL for your video chat room, share the link, and wait for everyone to join. Password protect rooms for additional privacy. Right now, it’s only available for iOS and desktop.


    Jitsi is the opensource video call alternative to Skype. The app is focused on security and making it easy to video chat with friends, family, and business associates. Currently, there are no group limits. Another benefit is you don’t need a separate account. All you need is the Jitsi Meet app (for iOS and Android) or Jitsi Desktop for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


    If you’re feeling adventurous, give Tox a try. It’s still in development and the website states that you may run into a few bugs. However, it’s one of the most secure free Skype alternatives available. Tox gives users unique IDs. Share these with the people you want to video chat with. Right now, video chats are limited to one-on-one. It’s a promising up and comer for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux.