Expand your Horizon at McGill University; Know the Top Courses Offered


McGill University is a public research university which was established in the year 1821. It is located at Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It offers various programs that include both degree and diploma courses with over 300 fields of study. McGill University offers five largest faculties which include Science, Arts, Medicines, Engineering, and Management. It offers programs that include a master’s degree, PhDs, MBAs, and graduate certificate programs. With 11 faculties and 11 schools of nearly 39,500 students, McGill University is one of the top Employers of Montreal.

Check the top best programs at McGill University provided below:

Biological and Biomedical Engineering (BBME)


It is a graduate program that involves a growing trend in research universities. The students associated with the program are supervised with the Faculties of Engineering and Medicine. In this field, the main motto is to unravel the physiological and molecular mechanism of biology and develop advanced technologies to transform healthcare. McGill University offers Masters of Engineering (M.Engg.), Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D) in Biological and Biomedical Engineering.

Eligibility – Student should have a CGPA of at least 3.3 in the undergraduate program. Applicant must be have taken at least 4 courses including 2 Math.

Joint Honours in Economics and Finance

This program offers both Finance and Economics courses where students are trained in the two complementary areas.

Eligibility – Students should maintain a minimum CGPA of 3. Should achieve a grade of B- in all other Finance Programs and maintain a minimum program GPA of 3.

Cognitive Science Program

This program includes the study of cognition in humans, machines, and animals. It makes you understand the principle of intelligence that will lead to comprehension of mind and learning in order to develop intelligent devices.

Eligibility – Students should have completed programs in Arts or science (B.A/ B.Sc.). 

Honours in Investment Management

This program helps students to prepare for a career in financial asset management. It gives rigorous training in statistics, accounting, and finance.  It helps students to perform company valuation, analyze financial statements and manage risk using trading strategies and derivative instruments.

Eligibility – Applicants should maintain a minimum CGPA of 3 and a minimum program GPA of 3. Candidates should have a grade of B- or better in all the other courses in the program.

Medical Programs

McGill University being the top medical school has a reputation for excellence in clinical training and research. With the four-year undergraduate program, the medical program offers a unique, integrated and system-oriented approach of learning to its students.

Eligibility – Applicant should have completed MCAT and prerequisite science requirements.

Some of the other popular courses include M.A in Communication Studies, Master of Management (MM) IMPM International Master in Practicing Management, Master of Science (M.Sc.) Renewable Resources: Environment, Joint Program in Management and Law (MBA/Law) and many more.

McGill University offers undergraduate, graduate, continuing studies and executive programs. Students can submit the application for admission online. With extensive programs and internships provided at McGill University, it is a great way for the students to apply for career planning services. Students can select co-op programs, extensive internship programs to excel in their career growth. The students pursuing both undergraduate and graduate courses have the opportunity to learn from and alongside the professors who are actively contributing to the research.

McGill University better known for attracting brighter students has won national and international awards. It has a history in shaping the world and has renounced alumni. Students can explore the courses available and enroll for a suitable one by enrolling for them. Various options to explore, McGill University is the best place to expand the horizon.