How Can You Crack PTE on Your Own?


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Pearson Test of English (PTE) is organized by the world’s largest education company, Pearson. An English proficiency test, PTE holds three types of exams- PTE Academic, PTE General and PTE for Young Learners. These tests are credible in more than 6000 universities throughout the world. Unlike other exams, one can appear for the PTE on any of the 360 days of the year. However, a candidate has to first clear the eligibility criteria and only then will he/she will be allotted an exam date on basis of availability of a test center.

This 3-hour long online test tests a student’s English reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Continue reading the article to know how to crack the test and get more details regarding PTE Exam.

Cracking PTE on your Own

In our country, where a majority of the population aspires to study abroad, to crack this particular examination becomes a very crucial step. PTE comes bearing a syllabus that seems easy to attempt but definitely grills the candidate once the exam starts. Aspirants who look forward to excelling in this very examination are sincere enough to begin their preparation since long time ahead. However, the people who are not confident with their skills, it is better for them to prepare more from the present moment.

Over here an important question comes into play, how will a candidate be able to crack the examination without proper coaching? The answer is Self-study. A very brave step that an aspirant must take towards success. During the preparation, make Youtube your best friend and you may be benefitted in each and every situation. Another key thing to keep in mind is not to browse a large number of books or other resources at the eleventh hour.

When candidates start planning to study, they ponder over resources such as study materials, online tutorials, video links and much more. However, the versatility of the books is what fetches the scores. Reference books are perhaps the oldest approach towards excelling an examination and it is undoubtedly true that this method never fails. The PTE Book from Pearson is available on Amazon. It is specifically designed keeping in mind the candidate’s point of view and the probable difficulties they may be facing while preparing for the Pearson Test of English. One just needs to search for the best reference books which will help them to gear up their preparation in every possible manner. It is available for 803 INR.

Following this, the candidates should begin tracking down the previous year’s PTE sample question papers. This will help them to understand the type of questions which candidates can expect in the examination and the level of difficulty. It is highly recommended to get your hands on the PTE Golden Set. It has 2 of the most helpful mock tests. One can also look up the internet for free tests or subscribe to Youtube for tests on individual topics. Aspirants may also like to purchase the PTE Voucher + Material.

The Secret of Toppers

It is an illusion that toppers study more than normal, average students. The fact is toppers get along with smarter ways to crack the examinations. According to resources, the results and admission in foreign universities differ every year depending on the number of seats, difficulty level, number of candidates appearing for the examination and much more. It is difficult to prepare according to the top results. According to the toppers, one should first realize the pattern of questions and the need for the questions from the candidates.

In PTE, questions are specifically designed keeping a few vital things in mind. How the candidate is recalling the basics, his or her approach towards extracting the fundamental language concepts to answer the question, how he or she can apply such concepts into the questions that appear in the exam and how he or she can respond to infographics to realize the actual need of the question in order to answer it correctly. It is always better to learn from the best individual in the domain that is why people prefer to listen to previous years’ toppers and their tips and tricks in order to succeed in PTE.

Pursuing a dream can be difficult but one should have the pure intent to work towards it. Cracking the PTE is not tough if one finds the proper way to go about it. Thousands of people are in the race for pursuing their studies in universities all over the world. There are only a handful of successful candidates who are able to find the way out and this is because they have worked towards it. Although toppers have found out hacks to reduce the extra stress, they have also revealed that there is no substitute for hardworking. One should keep that in mind and gear up his or her studies to reach the destination. So stick to your instincts and crack the PTE!