Everything You Need To Know About NAD Supplements


Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is essential for energy and metabolism. This molecule donates electrons to other molecules that consume them, thus creating energy. When it is reduced, it becomes NADH, and when it is oxidized, it turns into NAD+.

A NAD is used to increase NAD levels in the body. It can be found in all living beings and is essential for many processes.

Here is some information on the NAD supplement, its usage, and its effects on the human body.

1What is NAD?

NAD plays a role in the production of ATP. ATP is used to fuel many reactions in the body. It can be highly beneficial for athletes who constantly train as it aids them to perform better because more energy will be present in their bodies.

It is important to note that NAD cannot turn into ATP. It indirectly increases its production. NAD is a cofactor in the citric acid cycle that breaks down sugars and lipids to create molecules for producing energy. It participates in other processes such as histone regulation, DNA repair, and amino acid metabolism.

2What is the Recommended Dosage of this Supplement?

The recommended dosage for this supplement ranges from 300 to 1000 mg per serving. The correct dosage will depend on many factors such as gender, age, physical activity, and weight. It is vital to consult a professional before taking it to avoid unwanted side effects.

There has been no evidence of severe side effects with this supplement, but it can cause slight digestive issues such as gas and bloat.

3Signs You Need NAD

Here are some symptoms that suggest you need to take a NAD supplement:

  • Fatigue

A recent study by the FDA reported NAD positive effects in treating chronic fatigue.

People suffering from this condition can benefit significantly from NAD. They will experience more energy and power in their bodies, which will enable them to perform better.

  • Lack of Sleep

Adults who do not get enough sleep at night can also take supplements to help them improve the quality of their sleep. It has been proven that they promote restorative sleep because they activate a process called “NAD+ recycling,” which aids in producing NAD+.

  • Skin Problems

If your skin looks tired, then this supplement can help you. It will improve your skin tone and texture giving it a healthy look. By increasing the levels of NAD+, wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots will disappear.

  • Depression

NAD+ has been proven to decrease the symptoms of depression and improve mood. They increase serotonin levels responsible for making people happy and relaxed. If you suffer from this condition, taking supplements can help you get rid of it.

  • Hair Loss

Regular intake can prevent further hair loss and stimulate new hair development, giving you a full head of hair. People who struggle with hair loss can benefit from this supplement. It increases the activity of an enzyme called telomerase which aids in hair growth.

  • Diabetes

If you have diabetes, then supplementation can also help you get rid of it. It boosts insulin production, which prevents hyperglycemia. It means that glucose levels in your blood remain normal even if you eat candy bars or drink soda.

  • Cancer

You can also use supplements to prevent and decrease the effects of cancer. It has been proven that antioxidants fight against free radicals that damage DNA and this process can stop or slow down tumour growth.

The supplement can also help control tumour activity and reduce the effects of chemotherapy.

4How to Take NAD Supplements?

Here are essential tips to remember when taking NAD:

  • Take It with A Meal  – To ensure you get the most benefits from this supplement, experts recommend taking it with a meal containing some fat. It will help the body absorb and process it properly. Do not take these pills on an empty stomach because they can cause nausea and vomiting.
  • Take it with Grape Seed Extract  – To make the most of supplements, you should take them with grape seed extract because they work better together. The two substances have a synergistic effect that boosts their overall effectiveness. You mustn’t take more than 500 mg of grape seed extract per day.
  • Take it with Resveratrol  – Experts recommend that you supplement NAD+ with resveratrol to get the best benefits. It is because resveratrol helps the body absorb and process NAD+. They act synergistically, which means they work better when used together than alone.
  • Take it with Alpha Lipoic Acid  – You can do it by adding aloe vera to your diet. Experts also recommend taking a NAD supplement with alpha-lipoic acid. It is because this substance further stimulates the production of NAD+.