The Benefits of Online Assessment Delivery at School Level


    School years are a crucial point in any student’s life, as it shapes the knowledge they have and their personality. As educators, it is your role to ensure that your students are learning optimally to be successful when pursuing different opportunities.

    Before you start looking at solutions to deliver school assessment online, you should know the benefits for you and your students. There are various benefits of adopting online assessments, including:

    1Convenient and Interactive

    Holding pen-and-paper exams require a lot of logistical planning and effort. They can also be inconvenient for students who need to attend the exam at a specific time and place. During COVID-19, it became virtually impossible for students to participate in assessments at a designated venue.

    In this aspect, online assessments are more convenient for students to take, as they can do it from the comfort of their homes. All that is required is a good Internet and a compatible device. These online assessments also tend to be more interactive, as they have more liberty of using new methods that can engage students effectively.


    Planning traditional assessments can be a long process, from getting the papers printed to getting them graded afterwards. Depending on how many students take the assessments, the entire process can take from a month to several months.

    However, today’s solutions to deliver assessment online give you more flexibility when planning assessments and better efficiency. You can plan the assessments and have them released to students within a week. The grading is also handled by these platforms, which reduces the workload burden on your staff while ensuring no mistakes are made.


    When you’re looking to conduct traditional assessments, you have the factor in the costs of several components, including:

    • Printing out the assessments
    • Arranging the area and furniture for the assessment
    • Hiring extra invigilators, if needed
    • Paying overtime to the staff who handles the logistics and the grading.

    Overall, each assessment can take a toll on your annual budget, especially if you’re holding the assessment for only a few kids. However, you don’t need to worry about the extra costs with online assessments. Online platforms tend to be affordable, and they offer everything, from assessment designing to remote proctoring.


    If you have students with particular special needs, you need to ensure that the assessments are created with their needs in mind too. However, this can end up taking extra time and money, which you might not be able to afford.

    There are many solutions to execute school assessment online which take accessibility very seriously. You can find features such as text-to-voice, text magnification, colour reversibility and more, without any extra costs. It can ensure that your assessments are accessible to all without burdening you or your educators.


    Depending on what type of assessment you hold, you might want to ensure that many students can take it at once. However, you can’t precisely predict how many students will be taking it with open assessments.

    Opting for online assessments is ideal when you need a scalable solution for your needs. These solutions can incorporate an increased or decreased demand whenever it is required. You won’t have to find extra assessment papers frantically when you have a seamless solution that scales according to individual requirements.

    6Preparing Your Students for the Future

    As time goes on, students need to be prepared for the big role technology will play in their future. They need to learn to live in an age where innovations and technology are constantly present. In this scenario, opting for traditional assessments is redundant.

    Adopting online assessments is the only option to prepare your students comprehensively for the future. Students can get accustomed to technology at their own pace while you reap the many other benefits it offers.