Everything You Need To Know About Cloud Gaming


In recent years, cloud gaming has become an enormous trend, taking the world of gaming by storm. By allowing players to access and play games through the cloud without the need for a disk or download, cloud gaming is changing the way we play on a massive scale. The new technology even has the potential to make gaming hardware obsolete in the future, as games can simply be streamed through the web on almost any device. Cloud gaming is set to change the face of gaming – here’s everything you need to know. 

1Playing without a download 

In the past, we had to go to a store and buy a physical game to play on our console or computer at home. This has now, for the most part, been replaced by digital downloads, which allow players to buy games online and download them onto their devices. However, thanks to cloud gaming, even a download is no longer required. In a way, cloud gaming is stepping into the footsteps of browser games, which have long been commonplace in the gaming world. Browser games allow users to access games through the web without the need for a download. Users can simply open their web browser and click play to jump straight into the game. 

A great variety of genres has long been available on the browser, from casual and classic games to demanding multiplayer titles. For instance, the traditional board game Catan is available to be played directly in your browser to enjoy the board game with the click of a button. In a similar way, classic casino games such as roulette and slot machines have also found their way into players’ browsers around the world. A wide variety of online casinos specifically aimed at different regions are available online and can be accessed through a browser. Experts have analyzed and reviewed the best platforms to help users get started quickly and find the best online platform to play on. With continuous technological advancements and faster internet connections, even more demanding games, such as MMO role-playing game RuneScape, can easily be played right in your browser without having to download anything. What started with simple browser games is now turning into full-on console experiences through the web with cloud gaming. 

2What you need to play in the cloud

Cloud gaming is taking it to the next level by making full-fledged console and computer games available on the web. Players can access some of the most popular AAA titles such as Red Dead Redemption 2, Fortnite, Halo Infinite, and hundreds more online without a single download. To make this possible, cloud gaming providers use remote data centers equipped with powerful gaming hardware. While these take care of the actual processing of the games, players only need a fast and stable internet connection to stream the game onto their devices. Thanks to this process, you don’t necessarily need a powerful gaming device yourself, as your screen only needs to display the visuals of the game. Now you don’t have to buy the newest gaming equipment to play AAA titles, as even your average smartphone, your university laptop, or your simple smart TV can be used to play. Unless you want to play on your smartphone using the touch controls, all you’ll need is a compatible gaming controller or keyboard and mouse to jump straight into the gaming action. 

3The best cloud gaming platforms available today

As cloud gaming becomes increasingly popular around the globe, more platforms offering the new way to play have been launched. The number one player on the market was Google with their gaming platform Stadia, which launched back in 2019. Microsoft followed suit with their Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription service that allows users to play Xbox games on their consoles, computers, or smartphones through the cloud. With NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW and Amazon’s Luna, among others, the market for cloud gaming continues to grow. Most of them offer a large game library available on the cloud, which can be accessed freely with a monthly subscription. Depending on the service, a variety of devices can be used, and no gaming-specific hardware is needed.

Cloud gaming eliminates the need to have powerful gaming hardware or to download games, making gaming available to anyone who has a device such as a smartphone with a fast and stable internet connection. The new way to play is currently taking the gaming world by storm and is set to change the industry for good.