How To Convert VHS to Digital Without a VCR


    VCRs are hard to come by since their production stopped. For a lot of us, they were the only way to watch our favorite movies, music videos, family videos, or even old-school TV shows. But times have changed and with new technology comes new challenges. Thankfully, it is now possible to convert VHS to digital without a VCR!

    Have you been holding onto old VHS tapes that you know need to be converted to digital? The problem is you don’t have the right equipment to do so. Good news — there’s a solution!

    1Things You Need When Convert VHS to Digital

    When converting your home videos, you need a few pieces of equipment. If they’re not available at a local store, you can find unused models through a website or secondhand ones in an online marketplace. What you’ll need depends on your chosen conversion method. The items below are listed according to each DIY route.

    VHS Camcorder: VHS camcorder, video capture card

    Analog-to-Digital Video Converter: analog-to-digital video converter, pen drive or a memory card, computer, DVD drive

    DVD Recorder: DVD recorder

    VHS-DVD Recorder Combo: VHS camcorder, DVD recorder

    2What To Do if You Don’t Have a VHS VCR

    There are several options that don’t require a lot of technical knowledge. They’re also affordable and, in some cases, completely free. Here’s a quick rundown of how to go about each process.

    Use a VHS Camcorder

    Camcorders can be even harder to find than VCR players, so this tip is for those who own one or can acquire one. Check if your camcorder can play video directly to a TV. If so, then you can connect to a video capture device.

    A VHS camcorder will convert the video from the VHS tape to a DVD on its own. No need for a computer or a video editing software.

    Use an Analog-to-Digital Video Converter

    Analog-to-digital converters are small devices that connect directly to your TV or computer monitor and can capture video signals directly from analog sources like VHS tapes.

    It can record the video from your VHS tape and store it in a device, such as a memory card or a flash drive. With the video saved in an MP4 format, you can now transfer or copy it onto a DVD using your computer and a DVD drive.

    These converters can be purchased online or at electronics stores like Best Buy or Radio Shack, and you’ll also find a few choices on Amazon. They’re pretty inexpensive, making it a wonderful alternative.

    Use a DVD Recorder

    These have a built-in VHS player and a DVD drive. Simultaneously, press Play on the VHS side and Record on the DVD end. Wait until the recorder goes through the whole reel of tape and voila! It’s done.

    Use a VHS-DVD Recorder Combo

    With an A/V cable, you can connect your VHS camcorder directly to a DVD recorder. Just like in the previous technique, you play the VHS tape, but this time, you select the button on the camcorder. Also, select Record on the DVD recorder by the CD drive.

    Use a VHS-to-Digital Conversion Service

    Prefer a conversion method that’s absolutely fuss-free? Avail of a VHS-to-DVD service! The right one will offer you great value without any of the hassle. Carefully select one from the many businesses through reading the testimonials. Capture digitization is one company that consistently receives positive reviews.

    It’s also a preferred approach because of the higher-quality results, without risk of damage or losing your video. As an added bonus, Capture will return your tape to you spotless.


    You don’t have to say goodbye to all those video recordings. Technology has made it possible to convert VHS to digital format so you never lose those important or lovely memories. With the moments saved on DVDs, you can now look back at them fondly whenever you want and share them with family and friends.