Best Way to Test a Mattress


Shopping for a new mattress can be exciting and daunting at the same time. With the various types of beds available, choosing the best one can be quite a challenge. Nonetheless, there are multiple factors to consider when shopping. That’s not all, though! Testing the mattress and forms part of the shopping experience and you should do this before making a purchase.

Here’s how to test a mattress while shopping:

  1. Discuss any health concerns with your doctor

Before you go out shopping for a new mattress, speak to your doctor about this. They may not be sleep specialists but will recommend the right bed for your needs. If you suffer from sleep apnea, lower back pain, or poor circulation, your bed should help deal with such symptoms. And this makes it critical to discuss this with your doctor.

  1. Know what you need

Know your preference and options before going shopping. Although the shop staff will help you out, it all boils down to your choices, and it’s best to be sure of your exact needs. For excellent results, research thoroughly and go through customer reviews beforehand.

For instance, the pocket spring mattress review gives you an idea of other buyers’ feelings concerning the Sleep Republic mattress. And this makes it easier to make a more informed decision while shopping. Moreover, have a shopping checklist to guide the store attendant in the selection.

  1. Try your normal sleep position.

Go in the company of your partner, and try out your usual sleep positions. The best mattress should feel comfortable and supportive. No matter your sleep style, test the mattress in the center, outer edge, and third quarter of the bed. While at it, take note of the models that feel right and are more comfortable.

Narrow down your choices and test the best three mattresses again to make a decision. Wiggle around various sleep positions, and lie in your favorite sleep position for about 15 minutes with your eyes closed. Don’t feel uncomfortable; this is part of customer service.

  1. Test the mattress as you would at home

Wear comfortable clothes and slip-on shoes as you would at home. Crawl in and out the same way you do at home. If accompanied by your partner, pay attention to the motion transfer. And this is useful if your partner moves a lot during sleep. Have them repeat the movements and choose a mattress with the most negligible levels of disturbance. 

  1. Don’t leave out the pillows!

Pillows work hand in hand with your mattress to maintain your spine’s natural alignment and support your back and neck. Choosing the right bed but using the wrong set of pillows will still hurt your neck and spine.

Therefore, test the mattress with different sets of pillows to get an idea of how it feels to sleep on the bed. Acquire a new pair of pillows, and choose ones that offer excellent back and neck support.


There are various high-quality beds available in the market. You can always get one to match your needs but should know when to test it right. Choose a comfortable mattress, and consider other health conditions that you may be having. Your doctor will guide you on the best choice for your sleep position and health condition.