Tips for Choosing the Best Unicycles – A Comparative Review


Unicycles are reputable singles wheeled accessories for doing stunts and recreating. in this past, people reserved these for performance artists in circuses. However, in today’s modern world, they have become popular globally among people of all cadres. They are fun to ride. They also keep people active outdoors, which is beneficial to health. If you are considering buying Best Unicycles in 2020, do not hesitate.

To satisfy the demand for unicycles, companies have come up with many reputable brands that work well. Which is the best Unicycles in 2020? Do not buy any random brand your find online or offline. Our top 10 picks will serve you better. Made of quality materials, these are durable accessories. They also ride smoothly on all terrain.

1. Fun Unicycle with Alloy Rim


Fun Unicycle with Alloy RimThe best cruiser bikes are popular accessories for commuting and or working out. Unfortunately, they are not suitable for doing tricks or performing in shows. To own a product that offers all these benefits, buy this Fun Unicycle. Ideal for first-time unicyclists, its well-balanced design is easy to ride. Even though most people fall a few times before grasping its system, the risk of serious injuries is low. You will enjoy using a new one every day.

This unicycle is suitable for most people. Whether you are tall or short, you can find a suitable type online. Both its red (20-inches) and chrome (16 inches) versions work like a charm. They support a lot of weight. Their performance on most terrains is also admirable. Large 24-inch models are also popular online.

Fun Unicycle, unlike some comparable unicycles, is easy to ride. The smooth pedals that it has, for instance, are invaluable. The smooth-rolling cartridge bearings that it has do not require a lot of effort to use. Most people can ride this unicycle back and forth without issues. It aluminum rim and all-terrain Kenda tired boost its functionality further. They have durable high-performance designs.

Unicycles are not as comfortable as traditional bicycles. However, Fun Unicycle has many features that better the experience of people. Its padded saddle, for instance, is comfortable to use. It does not strain the tailbone or back, as some cheap brands do. Its quick release seat post, on the other hand, enables people to customize its position. This boosts their level of comfort further.


Apart from its fussy pedals, you will like everything about this unicycle. Its sturdy design is both durable and comfortable. It also comes in many different sizes for tall and short people.

  • Durable aluminum wheel
  • All-terrain Kenda tires
  • Comfortable saddle (padded)
  • Adjustable seat post
  • Comes in many sizes
  • Pedal comes loose easily

2. Sun Unicycle Flat Top Unicycle

Sun Unicycle Flat Top UnicycleWhether you are looking for a unicycle for recreational use of for commuting for short distance, buy this brand. Reputable in this niche, the quality of the product that you get is impressive. Made of high tensile steel, its rugged flat top frame is durable. Under load, it does not bend or break easily. Exposed to the elements, the risk of it rusting and corroding is also very slim. If you care for yours as needed, it will serve you well for years.

You will enjoy how this unicycle rides. The large (24-inches) wheel that it has, for instance, is one of a kind. It rides smoothly on all terrain. These include tarmac, grass, and sand. It hub assembly is also durable and designed to boost its performance further. You do not have to exert a lot of effort to ride this unicycle forwards and backward.

Most of the low-grade unicycles available online irritate the back and spine when used for long. Their poorly engineered design is often to blame. Sun Unicycle is different. Its comfortable flat top design is fun to use. It does not irritate the back or spine. It also has a padded and ergonomic saddle that boosts comfort further.

This unicycles rubber tire has a fast rolling street tread that boosts its performance outdoors. Whilst in use, it boosts the speed of this unicycle. You do not have to exert a lot of effort to ride fast.


This all-terrain flat top unicycle from Sun Unicycle is one of the best in 2020. If you are looking for a durable brand that rides smoothly on all terrain, this is a good choice. It is also durable, comfortable, and has premium parts that boost its performance.

  • Fast rolling street tread
  • High tensile steel frame
  • Padded and ergonomic seat
  • Durable sealed bearing hub
  • All-terrain 24-inch wheel
  • Few missing pieces

3. Fantasycart Unicycle

Fantasycart UnicycleAre you trying to improve your balance and strength at home? Even though some of the best home gyms work well, look for a unicycle instead. Fantasycart, for instance, is a versatile item that delivers good results outdoors. Perfect for professionals and novices, its well-balanced design is easy to ride. It also has a stable 16-inch wheel that boosts its safety further. The risk of toppling over and breaking your bone whilst riding it is slim.

For the best experience with a unicycle, look for a durable one such as Fantasycart. You will like the quality of its components. Its steel fork, for instance, withstands abuse well. Under load, the risk of it breaking or malfunctioning is slim. Its powder-coated rim is rust resistant, while the heavy-duty steel tubes used to make its frame is durable. Devoid of your riding style, this unicycle will serve you well.

Are you looking for a comfortable unicycle that you will enjoy using every day? Are you planning to ride a unicycle for the first time in your life? This is one of the best products to use for many reasons. Its skid proof tires, for instance, work well on all terrain. Even in the rain, you can ride this unicycle without sacrificing safety. Its smooth-riding wheel and padded saddle, on the other hand, boost the comfort of its users. You will like it.


This unicycle will keep you active outdoors. Whether you are trying to improve balance or strength, a new one will serve you well. It has a durable frame, fork, and rim. It also has a skid-proof tire for safety and wide and padded saddles that boosts comfort.

  • Skid-proof all-terrain tire
  • Durable frame and fork
  • Powder coated alloy rim
  • Large and comfortable saddle
  • Responsive hub technology
  • Seat shifts easily

4. AW Wheel Unicycle

AW Wheel UnicycleUnicycles look intimidating. However, if you can balance on and ride a bicycle well, you will enjoy riding a unicycle as well. Look for this well-engineered AW wheel model for the best results. Designed according to somatology, it is a stable product. You do not require a lot of skill to ride it well. It also moves smoothly and has a comfortable design that most pros and novices like.

Fitted with a low profile 16-inch wheel, mounting and unmounting this unicycle is a piece of cake. You do not need the help of a third party to mount it. Moreover, you do not have to support yourself on a wall to mount it safely. The wheel is durable. In synergy with this unicycle’s steel frame, it supports up to 110 pounds without issues. This makes it suitable for youths and adults.

The superior design of this unicycle’s tire makes it suitable for off-road use. Its skid-proof design, for instance, works well outdoors. It grips most surfaces. Its leak protected butyl interior also stands out. You do not have to worry about punctures and or leaks as you ride this unicycle. Check its pressure every three months and top it off as needed to maximize its performance and safety.

AW Wheel Unicycle is an affordable product. If you cannot afford a full-sized bicycle, buy one instead. It is fun to use. It also has a comfortable and durable design that serves people well for long.


Even though this unicycle has short ball bearing bolts, it has a structurally sound design. Whilst in use, it supports up to 110 pounds without creaking or breaking. Mounting it is a breeze, while its tough all-terrain tire (16 inches) has a leak-proof design.

  • Skid and leak-proof tire
  • Low-profile design (16 inches)
  • Supports up to 110 pounds
  • Easy to mount and ride
  • Stylish black and yellow theme
  • Short wheel bearing bolts

5. Diamondback Bicycles CX Wheel Unicycle

Diamondback Bicycles CX Wheel UnicycleWhile shopping for unicycles, the diverse brands in web stores confuse some people. If you are struggling to choose one, this CX wheel unicycle from Diamondback is a good product. Like its bicycles, this is a durable product. If you have used brands that have broken or bent out of shape over time, purchase this one. Its solid steel frame absorbs shock well. This is vital for people who enjoy riding off-road. Its alloy wheel and sturdy seat post are also durable.

Diamondback Bicycles products are popular because of their looks. If you are conscious of style, this unicycle will not let you down. Its blue and black theme stands out outdoors. It also withstands day-to-day abuse well. After months of day-to-day use, the risk of it fading or losing its charm is slim. This is a quality unicycle.

Falling from a unicycle is a painful affair. Some people have reported broken bones because of the high profile brands in their possession. Expect better results from this one. Most people can mount and ride it in most environments. In the event of an accident, its low-profile design comes in handy. When you tip over, you can easily grab its seat to improve your stability. This lowers the risk of damage and serious injuries.


This CX wheel unicycle from Diamondback Bicycles excels outdoors. If you are looking for a durable model for day-to-day use, for instance, it will serve you well. Both its wheel and its frame withstand abuse well. It also has a stylish and comfortable design that people like.

  • Light and comfortable design
  • Durable frame and wheel
  • Adjustable seat post
  • Eye-catching design
  • Reputable manufacturer
  • Seat scraps quickly

6. Diamondback Bicycles LX Wheel Unicycle

Diamondback Bicycles LX Wheel UnicycleDiamondback Bicycles does its best to offer people high-quality products. If you like unicycles, for instance, most of its products will not let you down. This LX Wheel model, for instance, is a durable brand made of heavy-duty steel. Suitable for youths and adults, it supports a lot of weight. Furthermore, the potholes found in rough off-road environments do not compromise its structure in any way. A new one will serve you well for years.

Because of their low-quality tires, some brands of unicycles ride roughly, even on tarmac. Others strain the back and legs because of their poorly balanced designs. Avoid such products. This LX wheel version for Diamondback Bicycles will serve you better. It is a comfortable product. You can ride it for long without issues. Its premium hubs are also ideal. They work smoothly for ages.

In the looks department, this product stands out. Its black-themed design has a grunge look that both men and women like. The quality of its finish has also attracted it a lot of attention. It does not scratch or fades easily. It holds up well for long. Its finish is also protective. Over time, the risk of this unicycle rusting is slim.

This bicycle has an eye-watering price tag. However, because of the quality of the service its users enjoy, it is a good option for most people. It lasts for long. The quality of its tires and pedals is also laudable.


This unicycle offers the good results that people like Diamondback Bicycle products. It is both durable and comfortable to use. Its style and the quality of the components that it has also stand out. A new one will make your outdoor adventures enjoyable.

  • Comfortable saddle (padded)
  • Durable wheel and tire
  • High-quality finish (black)
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Pedal attachments strip easily

7. Generic Mountain Bike Wheel Frame Unicycle

Generic Mountain Bike Wheel Frame UnicycleFeaturing an eye-catching bright orange theme, this is a stylish wheel-frame unicycle. To look good as you explore the outdoors, this is a good product to use. Its performance is also admirable. The 16-inch wheel that it has, for instance, works well on most surfaces. Because of its low center of gravity, mounting and controlling this unicycle is also a piece of cake. Both pros and novices like this.

The structure of this unicycle is one of its best attributes. To stay comfortable for long, this is one of the best products to use. Its large and ergonomic saddle cradles the body comfortably. It also has removable poly-nylon guardrails that retain its structure. You do not have to worry about it shifting and or falling off whilst in use.

Riding a tall or overly short unicycle is a frustrating job. To have a good time outdoors, the structure of your product of choice should be right. Generic Mountain Bike Wheel Frame Unicycle excels in this regard. Because of its adjustable design (28-32 inches), most people can sit on it and ride it without major problems. The distance from its pedal is also adjustable (15-19 inches). Finally, loaded to capacity, it can support up to 110 pounds outdoors.


Because of its stability, this 16-inch unicycle is fun to use. You can mount and ride it effortlessly. Its comfortable seat and its ability to support up to 110 pounds also stand out. Buy yours.

  • High load limit (110 pounds)
  • Adjustable height (28-32 inches)
  • Recommended for men and women
  • Removable poly-nylon guardrails
  • Sturdy 16-inch wheel
  • None

8. SUN BICYCLES Sun Classic Unicycle

SUN BICYCLES Sun Classic UnicycleFeaturing a classic black and chrome theme, this is a stylish product. If you are looking for a durable unicycle for day-to-day use, you will also enjoy using this product. Made of high-tensile steel, its frame is durable. You can drop this unicycle a few times without compromising its structure and or outlook. Its sealed bearing design is also one of a kind. It is durable. You can expose it to the elements without damaging it. Its sealed design also works smoothly and quietly for many months or years.

The unique structure of this unicycle’s saddle has attracted it a lot of attention. Its comfortable design, for instance, makes riding this unicycle fun. It does not irritate the back or spine, as some low-grade models often do. The saddle also has scuffs guards that boost its performance. They stabilize it well. As you ride, therefore, you do not have to worry about this saddle shifting. They also protect the saddle from damage, which prolongs its life.

Whenever you are riding a unicycle, proper positioning is important. It boosts the performance of people. It also lowers the risk of injuries, especially if you are a beginner. This product offers people this opportunity. The adjustable seat clamp that it has, for instance, is admirable. You can position it in different ways to optimize support and comfort. Its 18-inch wheel is also ideal. It is sturdy, smooth rolling, and has a well-engineered design that lasts for long.


Recommended for men and women, SUN BICYCLES is a comfortable unicycle that rides smoothly. It has a comfortable seat. This lowers the risk of back injuries. Its frame, bearings, and wheel are also durable. They boost its performance in most environments.

  • Quick release seat clamp
  • Functional scuff guards
  • High-tensile steel frame
  • Durable sealed bearings
  • None

9. Sun Bicycles Unicycle Flat Top Unicycle

Sun Bicycles Unicycle Flat Top UnicycleThis 20-inch unicycle from Sun Bicycle has many admirable attributes. If you are looking for a model that will support you well and ride smoothly on most terrains, look for one. Made of tensile steel, for instance, its rugged flat top design is durable. The material supports a lot of weight. Even though light, the anodized alloy wheel that it has is also one of a kind. It supports a lot of weight. The risk of it bending or rusting over time is also low.

Like their frame, the bearings of unicycles withstand a lot of abuse. We stress them to the core. We also expose them to the elements, which stresses them further. Fortunately, the sealed bearing hub that Sun Bicycles has withstands such a level of abuse well. It does not overheat under stress. It also has a long-lasting design that supports a lot of weight and resists the elements.

This unicycle’s classic saddle has a few notable features that you will like. Its structure (padded), for instance, is comfortable. Whilst stunting or riding this unicycle for long, expect good results. It cradles people well to keep them as comfortable as possible. Its rear and front scuff guards are also ideal. They boost both the stability and the longevity of the saddle of this unicycle.

This product comes in two sizes – 20 and 24-inches. Both are durable. They also have premium components that enhance the outdoor experience of people. The single bolt seat clamps that they have, for instance, are easy to customize. You do not need complex tools to do this. The fast rolling street tread tires that they come with are also ideal. They are durable. They also deliver a smooth and comfortable ride.


In terms of both style and performance, this unicycle outmatches many reputable brands. Its unique army grey theme stands out. Its solid frame and smooth rolling wheels, on the other hand, boost its performance outdoors. Buy yours. It comes in 20 and 24-inch designs.

  • Comes in two sizes (20/24 inches)
  • Fast-rolling street tread tires
  • Smooth and comfortable ride
  • Durable frame and hub assembly
  • Stylish army grey theme
  • None

10. Schwinn Unicycle – Retro Red

Schwinn Unicycle – Retro RedBecause of their superior designs, many people like Schwinn products. This retro red unicycle, for instance, is one of the most sought-after brands by bike lovers all over the world. Although its style has contributed to this, its design and its performance have attracted it the attention it enjoys to date. Weighing just 15 pounds, for instance, most people can ride it easily. Once you learn how to balance it well, you will have an enjoyable time.

This unicycle has a well-engineered two-piece mainframe. Made of heavy-duty steel, it is a durable product. The stamped 40mm main cap bearing housing that it has are also durable. Under load, they do not crack as easily as some low-grade brands do. They also work seamlessly for years. This boosts the performance of this unicycle.

You will like this product’s wheel design. Made of double-walled aluminum, its rim is durable. The risk of it denting or rusting over time is slim. It also has a smooth rolling 24-inch design with high-quality Kenda Kiniption tires. These work well on all terrain.

While developing this unicycle, Schwinn paid keen attention to the comfort of people. Because of its lightweight design, you will not struggle to ride it for long. The board and padded saddle that it has is also one of a kind. It has a comfortable design. You can also adjust its structure to get the best out of this unicycle.


Are you planning to buy a new unicycle? Buy this retro red model from Schwinn to get a stylish product that weighs just 15 pounds. Most people can ride it easily. It also has a comfortable seat, a durable hub, and a two-piece steel frame that lasts for long.

  • Broad and comfortable seat
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Smooth rolling 24-inch wheels
  • Stamped 40mm bearing housing
  • Lightweight design (15 pounds)
  • None

How to Choose the Best Unicycles

Longevity: Always check the structure of your preferred unicycle before reaching for your pocket. Can it support your weight? Does it withstand stress and abuse from elements such as the rain without degrading fast? Unicycles made of heavy-duty steel offer these benefits. Brands with tough alloy wheels are also ideal.

Comfort: Most cheaply built unicycles compromise the comfort of people. Avoid them. Before buying one, make sure that it has a broad and comfortable saddle. Padded ones with protective scuffs are the best. Your unicycle of choice should also be of the correct height. Buying one that you cannot mount easily is a bad decision. 

Wheel: Always check the wheel of your unicycles of choice. The first attribute to check is its size. Generally, large wheels are unstable. This makes them unsuitable for beginners. You should also check the quality of its tire. Is it durable? Leak-proof all-terrain designs are the best.


In this review, we have highlighted 10 of the brands best unicycles for men and women. Whether you are looking for a durable one for stunting or a comfortable one for commuting, these products deliver. They have durable parts. Both pros and novices enjoy riding them.