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Blog-Style Website Now Offered by Well-Known California Law Firm

Los Angeles, December 27, 2019: Well known and respected law firm, West Coast Trial Lawyers, has added a blog style website to better inform and serve their current clients and prospective clients. Whether considering legal counsel or just in need of great information, delivers meaningful content and clarity surrounding all kinds of issues that relate to a personal injury accident.

The firm’s expert advice is sought after across the country, not just by those needing legal guidance in California. The law firm already has a wonderful home page website. But in efforts to better educate those in demand of their expert knowledge, they have created a new blog style website that will further their efforts to serve their clients and the general public. The site features developing California news stories, in particular news stories relating to car, bus and motorcycle accidents. The blog also highlights news stories relating to brain injuries.

Stories are displayed as prominent features, or they are highlighted in very easy to find sections labeled “most popular” or “recent post.” The articles on show just how heartbreaking accidents can be, and they further reveal legal needs that may develop for those impacted. Whether injured or carrying on life after an accident took a loved one, turn to the new website for even more great information regarding your rights.

Among the popular articles found on the site are two news stories from December of 2019 that were added to stories section. One article entitled, “Bicyclist Killed In Los Angeles Car Accident On Berkeley Avenue” explains the horrible facts surrounding the death of a homeless man that was riding his bicycle.

Although the driver killed the cyclist, the victim’s family and loved ones may have legal recourse to plan for and take. Another article entitled, “One Person Seriously Injured In Palm Springs Car Accident On Interstate 10 Freeway by Canyon Drive” reveals details surrounding the collision of a Ford Mustang and a Jeep. With one of the victims requiring medical attention, costs associated with medical treatment and rehabilitation may warrant the need for legal assistance. Story after story can be found on the blog. Each of the horrific facts surrounding the news events reveal just how real and common accidents, injuries and even death can be.

Nestled within each page of the site are interactive features that make contacting the talented legal professional easier than ever. Accessibility is very important to the team operating out of nine California locations and through the company’s network of several online operations. For 60 years California victims and survivors have made remained their priority, and they aim today more than ever to protect folks all through-out the great state of California and beyond with guaranteed, top-notch legal expertise.

Site visitors can easily reach the firm’s legal experts through numerous channels of communication. At there is a very easy to find chat option. Well trained specialists will easily and quickly answer questions and provide guidance on any of the issues the firm handles. If the 24/7 real time assistance feature is not enough, other contact methods still exist. The law firm’s phone number, email address and physical address are all prominently featured on the site. The company also utilized social media, and they have a LinkedIn profile as well as profiles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. For those that to prefer to start off in person, nine locations stretching from Los Angeles to San Francisco make obtaining their expert legal services easily accessible, too.

One might think that accidents and personal injuries will never impact them. Time and time again, not just in California but across the country, every day people and even celebrities are impacted by accidents that lead to injuries or death. The law firm has received all kinds of noted praise for their work. Even high profile celebrities like model Carmen Electra and football star Johnny Manziel have come out in praise of the firm’s work. The law firm’s new blog style website is just one more layer of proof that shows how well versed the firm is in issues to relating to personal injury.

If celebrity testimonies and 60 years of experience don’t provide enough guarantee, let the firm’s performance statistics alone settle the case. Over the last six decades the team has skyrocketed to success. Today it is the top ranked personal injury law firm in Los Angeles. The firm has won more than 5,000 cases and raked in more than $1 billion for their clients impacted by a California accident. Even those faced with the most insurmountable monetary concerns and unforeseen complications have gotten justice.

Clients can reach out to the firm when dealing with all kinds of issues. Among those issues are wrongful death, dog bites, premises liability and spinal chord injuries. On top of traditional vehicle accidents related to buses, cars, motorcycles and trucks, the firm also has a good grasp on issues relating to newly emerging accident types that involve scooters, car riding services and food delivery. Attorney Ronald Zambrano was recently featured on the company’s LinkedIn Page after his work on a case involving Uber. Zambrano was quoted as saying, “If Uber won’t treat its drivers the way they deserve, then the courts need to step in to enforce the law.”

The hard-working personal injury accident experts make sure to always be accessible. The firms remains ready and willing by being available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. On top of their very informative and interactive services already at work, these California accident specialists have just become even more accessible through the newly launched