Automated Recruitment Platforms Relieve Talent Sourcing Burden


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Who doesn’t like if someone does their work also? Every person in the world loves to take less pressure. Leaving the job will not help to reduce the burden. There is one more solution, especially for the recruiters. Though such technology-driven updates are available in most of the industries now the development in the recruitment industry is visibly focused.

Before knowing about the updates in the recruitment process, we must understand what are the basic steps of recruitment.

Basic steps of recruitment

  • Knowing about the job– As a recruiter, you must know what position the client is offering. Different fields have different job requirements that too segregated in various categories. This is why, as a recruiter to run your business, you must know about the industries and what job they are offering. Know about the designation, and the salary offered to handle that designation. Get information about the working hours.
  • Getting the job role details– The second step is to know about the job of that designation. What type of work that the candidate will be asked to do? It is essential to know the job role and to convey the same to the candidate. The perfect talent can only be found with a clear conversation.
  • Advertise the job- Advertisement is the backbone of any business. The more you advertise, the more you do business. The same strategy is applied to the recruitment process. The more you promote the more you get applications of candidates, and that creates a vast pool of talent from which you can choose the expertise you need. You take the help of different medium to advertise the job. Generally, job information is given to specific magazine, new paper, and also hoardings are put in crowded areas to attract the candidates to apply.
  • Managing application– Then starts the hectic part of the recruitment process, which is managing the applications. Getting all use in the count, segregating them according to different categories and also keeping the selected talent up front. Thousands of candidates apply and categorizing each of the applicants according to their qualifications is exceptionally hectic.
  • Shortlisting candidate– Then you need to shortlist the deserving candidates for further scrutiny. This process requires enormous time to find out the appropriate candidates. An in-depth examination is necessary to complete the process. Before the updates in the recruitment industry, shortlisting the candidates was a nightmare for the recruiters.
  • Finalizing candidates- The previous step to shortlisting candidates is to finalize the candidates. The candidates who are coming up with the best quality education and experience are finalized for the new set of interviews.
  • Scheduling interview– There are different levels of the interview, which are candidate needs to crack to get the job. But for a recruiter scheduling the interview process is quite hazardous and time-consuming. But this is one of the significant steps in the recruitment process. Once the interviews are recorded, it is easier to find the most appropriate talent for the job.

After the interview, the candidates are hired, and then the recruitment process ends (exceptions are there).

What are the drawbacks of the old-style recruitment process?

  • Time-consuming- Because of the lack of digitization, the previous method of recruitment was prolonged which does not lead to good outcomes and also the recruiter needs to struggle to settle in the recruitment industry.
  • Expensive– Since to run this colossal process, a good number of the employee are required. To hire the employee’s right amount of money needs to be invested.
  • Talents are not appropriately placed– Since the entire process is run manually, this is why sometimes some talents are missed to get shortlisted. This is why the old method cannot find talents accurately.

How has automated recruitment benefited the world?

The launch of some software has made this incredible change in the recruitment industry. Now the process runs upon a digital platform that has benefited the industry a lot.

Software to run the recruitment process

Advertising software- Basically, job advertising software is commonly known as a job portal. The companies put the requirements in the job portal, which is visible to the candidates, and the software works as a communicator in-between.

Filter software- There is such software which helps to shortlist the candidates whose qualifications match with the requirements. This is how the deserving candidates are shortlisted with accuracy.

Schedule emailing software- Once a candidate gets into the recruitment process, they need to be informed on time. This schedule emailing software helps to send emails on time to the focused candidates.

Schedule messaging tool- To reach the candidates directly with the update the recruiters use schedule messaging software as well. This software helps to send individual messages to the approaching candidates. The direct messages also help to pitch the candidates for upcoming job opportunities.

Benefits of the automated recruitment process

  • Time-saving– Because of the digital modes of communicating and advertising and also running the whole process, it saves enough time that helps to makes the process complete faster.
  • Cost saving– The only employee requirement will be the operator of the software and the software charges. This is how digital mode makes the recruitment process cheaper.
  • Accurate– Since the entire process is run through software, it gives actual results and also gives the deserving talents a proper chance to explore.

The automated recruitment process has made sourcing talents quite easier. It has reduced the burden of sourcing talents. The automatic recruitment process has made the whole recruitment process a benefit for the recruiters as well as the candidates with the fast-moving process and easily accessible mediums. Previously the recruitment agencies were in demand but could not turn up with the expected result this why they required time to explore better. But now with the help of such tools and methods, it has been an easy way to explore as a recruitment agency. Better talents are easily found. Quality talent sourcing has been made easy with the help of the tools.

The IT recruitment agencies have grown along with the world, but the backbone behind this growth was technology. Technology has helped to expire about jobs through social media. Technology has also contributed to maintain data, manage the students, and most importantly has brought new jobs which require smart work, not hard work. The recruitment agencies prefer quality over quantity. This strategy makes them explore better and deliver great candidates according to their talents and finally make happy the candidate as well as the employer.