A Beginner’s Guide To Internet Marketing For New Business Owners


At a time when the world’s economy is still reeling from the ill-effects of the pandemic starting a new business might be something, most will warn you against. However, if you are smart, enterprising, and have access to the right strategies coupled with a solid belief, you can start a new business in this environment as well. 

Did you know that billion-dollar businesses like Air BnB and Uber were born during the financial crisis of 2008-09? Every crisis presents an opportunity. While there are many people who swim with the tide there is only a handful who try to swim against. 

In this article, we are going to help entrepreneurs who are looking to start new businesses during the pandemic. We will discuss how they should use digital and internet marketing as one of their core growth strategies in the post-pandemic period. 

What is Internet Marketing and why should you pursue it as a Business?

In the last few months, the pandemic has changed the way- 

  • Where we used to work
  • How we use to eat
  • Where we used to shop
  • How we interacted with friends
  • Where we spent time on entertainment

If you will notice, almost all the above functions have moved to a digital platform. We are using work-based online tools and platforms to work. Using e-commerce platforms to shop. Getting our entertainment from streaming platforms and chatting with our friends and family on messengers. 

This means that human behavior has become dependent on digital technologies. From a business perspective, this is not only important but critical to brand success. Working with a strong, credible, and performance-oriented internet marketing agency is the need of the hour. 

Why should New Businesses start with a Digital only Marketing Strategy?

According to leading business analysts and experts, there are multiple reasons why new businesses can start with only a digital presence- 

  1. In terms of investments, digital marketing is much more cost-friendly and affordable than any other model of traditional marketing. 
  2. The results on digital are measurable and can be monitored for better performance. This helps prevent improper investment and efforts in areas, which are not working. 
  3. Most of a brand’s target audiences are spending much more time on digital platforms. In order for a brand to be successful, it needs to be present where its audiences are. 
  4. Digital Marketing does not require large teams or setups. A small business can conveniently outsource the work to an agency and cut down on salary and setup costs. 
  5. Digital run businesses are much more efficient and streamlined as they work according to data figures and reports. This helps in reducing additional costs and adds to savings. 

New businesses that are looking to capitalize on immediate results can take up internet marketing to benefit their brands. 

What are some Focus Areas in Digital Marketing which Improve Performance?

There is no doubt that there is a lot of competition on digital platforms. In order to stand out, businesses need to focus on the following- 

  • Creating High-Quality Content-

Investing in creating quality content is one of the most important areas for a business, Good content, helps generate buzz, shows the product/service in a positive light, and improves the chances for a sale. Whether it is text-based, images, or videos, brands should invest in content. 

  • Paid Advertising is Important- 

When you assess the ROIs, form paid advertising on Google or social platforms, you will realize that it is a great investment. From time to time, small businesses should devote a section of their budgets to paid advertising. This can help in boosting traffic and sales for the brand. 

  • Local SEO drives results- 

If you are a Local Business looking to benefit from your immediate vicinity, Local SEO with Google My Business can help you. By maintaining updated profiles, having positive reviews, and showcasing your brand through images, videos, etc. you can encourage local sales. 

The Final Word

In this article, we have tried to give a brief idea about why and how beginners should pursue digital marketing. Yes, there are multiple advantages and strategies to be successful. However, it is important to tailor-make strategies according to what fits your brand’s requirements.